The Truth About Tumeric

tumeric for healthy and beautyTumeric is a vivid yellow root that has been use dfor centuries to season food  and heal the body.  Popular in South Asian cuisone, tumeric has been part of medica care since 600 BC. It is a multi-talented spice that valued  valued for its ability to reduce inflammation warts and acne.  It even was  a standard care for wound healing after battles.

Modern research has shown that this spice is an effective antioxidant, anti bacterial and even has  anti-cancer fighting abilities. It is used to treat burns, insect bites, eczema psoriasis and skin ulcers.  That’s a pretty impresive list– and if something is that good there is usually a downside– and its true with tumeric.

The brilliant yellow color of this   effective  spice can cause problems for certain skin types. When I read about the benefits of tumeric I could not wait to try it out. its benefits with a popular tumeric mask .  Made from equal parts of tumeric, yougurt and honey, I spread it on my thigh and waited for 10 minutes. ( Ialways try out a new DIY mixture on my thighs. Its a good safe strategy — and especially helpful with this  bright yellow mixture.  The mask made my sin feel soft and smooth but stained it a bright organge tht did not wash off. The site where i found the recipe suggested scrubbing the area with sugar.  It didn’t really work and now my skin was  sore as well as yellow.

Making Tumeric Work For You

As it turns out  tumeric  maks and moisturizer work much better for skin of color.  The darker skin tones can benefit of  its  strengths  without issues of staining.  In fact, the yellow pigment   can  counteract chalkiness and add a  beautiful glow.  For skin of color tumeric can be a great  natural tool to control acne. Unlike Retin A or scrubbing grains which can leave darkened areas, tumeric can eliminate pimple causing bacteria. Added to inexpenive drugstore  moisturizer, this turbo yelow turbo powered  spice can relieve itching  and scaling of both eczema and psoriasis. You can also mix tumeric into  a sunscreen  to reduce  health and beauty damage from UV rays. Use this spice  powered suscreen both before ad after a day at the beach.

But wait there’s more.  You can add tumeric to over the counter antibiotic cream to improve healing from cuts, scrapes  and bug bits.  Not only will it promote healing, it will lessen  darkening of the skin. WHile tumeric can turn pale  skin yellow, it can lighten darkened areas in skin of color.  Recent clinical studies have shown that tumeric inhibits melaniin production.  Acne, cuts and even hormones can  leave behind darker ptches  known as hyperpigmentatin or melasma.  Adding tumeric to night cream  can offer natural and safe skin lightening.

There are too many skin care tools and treatments  that pose a risk for  skin of coor. Lasers, IPL, retinoids and even microdermabrasion have been shown to create uneen darker skin tones.  Its wonderful that there is a safe, natural and affordable option that  is specifically beneficial for darker skin tones.

Coming Up:  Tumeric Part II– Adding tumeric  to your diet for additional health benefis.



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