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fashion flash logoThis week Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Flash.  Most travel sites are are aimed at families or millenials.  They offer solid advice, but not  for us. Glamour Granny Travels  has the adventure and style that a woman of a certain age  dream about  when they plan a trip.

Fashion FLash Book Review: Pretty SickFashion Flash Book Review:  Pretty Sick by Caitlin Kiernan

In the past five years eight close  friends  were diagnosed with cancer.  Because I write a beauty blog, they would often ask  me for advice dealing with their skin and hair issues.   I asked my dermatologist experts, researched products and generally tried  just to be there for them. I wish I had this  book to give them genuinely helpful  advice.

Caitlin Kiernan was a high profile  beauty editor at Life and Style magazne  when she  was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In the next few years she had rounds of chemo, mastectomy and reconstruction.  Her fashion and beauty advice comes straight from the trenches.  For example,   she discusses what to wear  while wearing  post surgery ports on her breasts.  ( its oversize button up shirts)  She explains  why scents are so challenging during chemo and how to care  for hair and scalp during treatment. Her advice,  has been road tested by other cancer survivors, is real and  valuable  while dealing with the diagnosis.

Her makeup tips  almost  made me cry.  I remember trying to help a friend with cancer  get ready to speak at a national organization and she did not want her colleagues to know she was sick.  Her usual make-up looked  too dark and theatrical and her painted brows like wiggly catipillars.  Pretty Sick offers original and effective  tools and techniques  to look better.  As she says in her  book ” the goal is not to look like Cindy Crawford, but to look like yourself before starting treatment”.

I  found her suggestions for gifts especially helpful.  When I visited my friends, I ran out of ideas after flowers, soaps and  lotions.  She explained that  chemo  leaves  a body chilled and a soft  hoodie, furry slippers and faux fur throws are  incredibly comforting.

There is an incredible authenticity in Pretty Sick. Combining  an author who  is a beauty editor AND cancer survivor has produced a uniquely valuable book.


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