Its Fashion Flash Today!

fashion flash logoThis week Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion FLash.  When we were young our dreams  were  well defined.  We had mental check lists– love, marriage, children, a great job– we ticked these off as years went by.  But  what we never saw coming was the lack of a map for the second half of  our lives– when our children were grown, when grandchildren moved away, when  our jobs ended.    Enter Second Lives Club, an incredible site to help make the second half of our lives as rich and meaningful as the first half. This site profiles  women who have made  a successful transition  and these stories are always inspiring.

Fashion Flash GiveawayCelebrate the Holidays with Fashion Flash

I  love this time of year. For me it starts with buying bags of candy for the  Halloween trick and treaters.  The crowds of  these munchkins  dresed as mummies, moana and minions keep me laughing all night.  Then  the plans for thanksgiving start with the great turkey hunt.  This year I am having a terrible time finding my beloved Butterball turkeys in nyc.  Any suggestions  for  hunting down this bird will be  very  welcome.

As we move into Christmas and Chanukah its  time to  plan menus and presents, but its also time to think about people who need help.  This year there are so  many needs from  the people in Houston and Peurto Rico who lost everything but their lives.  Then there are   people who are  dealing with serious heath problems like cancer or MS.  While we are  planning   holiday menus and outfits, Its also time to think about ways to give  back.  At Fashion Flash we will be doing  giveaways of jewelry, books and beauty to keep or share  friends and family while we  raise awareness of organizations including Hello Gorgeous for cancer victims and Peace and Love   for MS.  I hope you will join us for  fun while helping others.

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