Edelweiss– The Beauty Flower

EdelweissMost of us know the  edelweiss  flower   from  a Sound of Music song but in real life it  is a powerful mountain flower and  has been part of alpine home remedies for centuries.  Teas and salves  compounded with  edelweiss have been used to relieve chest pains, arthritis, digestive problems, bronchitis and even cancer. Eueopean mountain villagers  knew that edelweiss  based care   just worked.  In recent years researchers have demonstrated that this yellow and white flower works because it  contains  anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemicals.

Edelweiss 101

This daisy like flower grows in montain regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It blooms only in August and September and has  become so popular that in 2004 Switzerland created plantations of edelweiss to meet the demand.  A few years later  it was declared a protected species.

What Makes Edelweiss so Effective?

Like Buckhorn and Arctic Cloudberry, these small  flowers had to develop strong defense against a harsh environment. Mountain winds, heavy snows  and high altitude UV rays forced this alpine flower  to develop powerful defense mechanisms to survive. And even  beter, like many natural igredients,   it can provide real benefits  without toxic side effects.

Adding Edelweiss to Your Beauty Routinue

The sun protective and anti inflammatory powers of edelweiss make it a valuable anti-aging ingredient.  If you are battling dry  skin and fine lines look into Kiehl’s Ultra Deep Facial Moisture Balm ($27)  and Origins  A Perfect World Defense Moisturizer with White Tea ( $44).  White tea  ia another excellent antioxidant  and we  all need a wide range of antioxidants. FYI In addition  this well formulated  day cream  offers a 40 SPF. Nice.

You can also DIY edelweiss  products in your skin care routinue.  Look for Edelweiss extract online and  mix in 10 drops of extract to four  ounces of a simple moisturizer.  It  will save both your skin and  your budget.

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