It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Allison of Never Say Die Beauty is hosting Fashion FLash.  We are thrilled to see that Never Say Die Beauty  has been named as one of the top 100 beauty blogs!  If you know  her site, you already know  just how good it is .  And if Never Say Die Beauty is new to yoyu, then head over to the site to see why it has been named to  the the newest best blogs list.

More Fashion Flash Winners!

In addition to Allison of Never Say Die Beauty , four more  of the Fashion FLash bloggers are on the top Beauty Bloggers list. Cindy of Prime Beauty, Marcia of Never Say Die Beauty, Sheila of Painted Ladies and me, Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty are also on that list.  I am so proud to be blogging with these amazing women and I am thrilled  that they are getting the recognition they deserve.  And if I may brag a bit more, we are all waiting for the new book from Fashion Flash blogger Barbara Hannah Gufferman. Love Your Age ( National Geographic) will be published in Feburary and you can pre order it now on Amazon. Fashion FLash  has some of the best and brightest  lifestyle bloggers on the web. We  cover fashion, beauty and health in a way that will benefit  your lfe without  ruining  your wallet.

I like to say that Fashion Flash has been together longer than the Beatles and its not bragging when you talk about other peoples achievements.Right?

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