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fashion flash logoThis week, Sheila of Painted Ladies is hosting our New Year’s theme Fashion Flash Round-Up. IMHO Painted Ladies has  some of the best  fashion and beauty advice you can find on the web.  She is smart, with great style and judgement so her advice  is advice you advice you can trust. Make certain you  subscribe to  Pained Ladies  so that you won’t miss a single valuable post.  And be sure to watch  her site for great Fashion Flash Book and Beauty Giveaways.


Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Ladies Dress Accesories by Eleanor Johnson

I majored in history in college and I  feel that our real history  can be seen in how we live– what we ate, how we traveled and perhaps  most importantly,  what we wore.  In this intriguing little book,  the tools of dress and  style  offer wonderful insights into a woman’s  life in the 19th century.  For example  the book shows that before a woman could leave the house she needed  to hold back her hair with large combs, a button hook to button her dress and  gloves, a boot hook to pull on  footwear,  a glove stretcher to put on her gloves, large hat pins to keep  large hats in place,  and a vinaigrette to block  nasty  street smells. My favorite item  was the dress hook, a brass clip that women used to lifet their skirts to go downstairs or keep dresses off muddy streets. It sounds so exhausting, its a wonder she actually left her home.

The  time and tools it took a Victorian woman to get dressed made me think  about  current style routines. After I run a brush thruough my hair, one minute  make-up and toss my phone in  my purse, I am good to go.  What steps do you take before you  step outside for the day?

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