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fashion flash logoThis week the always amazing Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting Fashion Flash.   Her  quest for real answers to  issues in  our daily lives  takes her  in new and important directions.  Currently she is exploring the impact of light energy and color  on health  and aging.  I have been hearing a bit about this from ther sources, but I am totally confident when I learn  about it from Society Wellness.  Subscribe now  so you won’t  miss a single post.

Fashion Flash Quick  Question

It seems to be that the internet has suddenly become the center for clean-up advice.  From  Marie Kondo folding techniques  to stores  selling a huge range of  boxes to  store your stuff,  I feel somewhat overwhelmed.  There is so  much stuff, so much advice I am not sure what to keep and what to discard– in terms of both possessions  and  advice.

So I am asking   the Fashion Flash community– what is your best piece of home organizational/housekeeping advice.  To start off I will  give you mine.  My   mom was a  bit of a hoarder.  She treasured copies of New York Times Book Review, empty pastic  margerine tubs and   relentlessly ran the vacuum over her carpets.  The  house was cluttered but the carpets were spotless.  In my home I took a different approach.

When I was first married I went to a writing  seminar  held by a NYC police detective. He  offered aspiring crime writers an intriguing  step by step guide on police proceedures.  It was fascinating but what  has stuck with me for decades was a side  observation he made  on a crime scene. Describing the impact of  full trash cans and an unmade bed had on his peception of the victim, he never left the house without emptying the trash  and making his bed. It was like a light bulb went on in my head.  And to this day, the first thing I do in the morning, is to empty all trash baskets and makes all the beds.

I would love to hear  if you have one or two must do’s  in your household routinue. Advice about shoes will be especially appreciated.

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