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fashion flash logoThis week  Positive Aging  advocate  Barbara Hannah Grufferman   is hosting  Fashion Flash.   She writes regularly for HuffPost and AARP and is bone health ambassador  for the National Osteoporosis Foundation. There are  so many  ways  women are standing  up and speaking out to demand the respect and opportunities that they deserve.  Nowhere is this more vital than when we are  dealing with negative images in women over 50. Not only does this  interfere with  our work and relationships, it creatives an internal  negative narrative that chips away at  our own self respect. Barbara not only provides essential lifestyle information, she is welcome cheerleader for getting better, not just older.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Love Your AgeFashion Flash Book Reivew:  Love Your Age by Barbara Hannah Grufferman ( Nat Geo)

Love your Age by Fashion Flash blogger Barbara Hannah Grufferman is a beautifully designed book packed with illustrations  that covers a wide range of both physical  and mental health issues.   It offers comprehensive advice including   a calendar of necessary medical appointments, the value of accupuncture,  better skin care,  preventing  memory loss, tips for better vision, and world class make up avice.  IMHO  what makes Love Your Age so valuable  is the “small step can make a big a big difference philosophy.”   Its hard to make  big changes, and Love Your Age  provides lists of  small simple steps that add up  to  a  physically and mentally healthier woman.

Barbara is a super marathoner who didn’t start running until she was in her 50’s. She is living proof that its never to late to become stronger, faster and healthier.  Love Your Age rocks health  advice that is  both accurate and  and useful.  I’ve been a health and beauty writer for thirty years  and I was  delighted to find new  ways to up my heath and fitness game in ever chapter.  If you care about how you look and feel, pre-order Love Your Age at

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