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Deb-ChaseMy name is Deb and I am a health and beauty writer. I’ve written 12 books including The Medically Based No-Nonsense Beauty Book, Fruit Acids for Fabulous Skin, and Every Bride is Beautiful. I graduated from Bronx High School of Science and NYU where I worked my way through college as a lab assistant to a research dermatologist  who was studying aging. Back then aging for me  was a theoretical beauty problem. Today it is for me the only beauty issue. It’s time I put my experience in both science and beauty together to develop  a no-nonsense anti-aging beauty plan.

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  2. I am a bit of a dermatologist junkie, I have a great one in Atlanta, and over the years have used
    at least half her procedures. Just had the Co2 fraxel laser and have finished shedding the skin
    and am now just red. Getting older and had bad acne as a teen.
    I have done fraxel at least 8 times, pretty good effects, but nothing like the fillers have done for
    me. I used sculptra for many many years in fact I was using it when it was in a study
    and called ‘New Fill” Thats whats made the biggest change in my skin, is replacing the fullness.
    I also use botox for the little lines in between the eyebrows and am pretty stuck on that.
    If I could only do something bout the neck, thats what bothers me, the CO2 fraxel was done
    on my neck so we will see in about three months.
    Anyway thanks for your site, if you ever want advice on a procedure you are doing research
    on shoot me an email I have probably done it…
    Have also had fillers in my hands…
    Radiowave facelift (pretty useless if you ask me)
    Artefill, a perm filler that works great, cheaper in the long run than temp fillers.
    TCA peels, (helps a little but I needed the big guns)
    Microdermabrasion (stick to the big guns unless you have to much time on your hands)
    It does act like a great facial and it gives you a temp glow and cleans out the pores, but not
    much else if you ask me.. maybe more if you have them twice a month for years.
    Oh and when they do the fillers in my forehead (you can not use artefill up there)
    every four months or so, I have my lips done too. They used to be very full and as i got
    older they became much thinner and pinched looking… makes a huge difference, really
    makes me look younger. I just have them plumped up, nothing major, just to the way they were
    when I was younger… Am thinking about
    the new solid silicone lip implants so I do not have to
    get the shots anymore.
    Only 47 now, but used to be a model, kinda vain here….Some people spend
    their extra money on drugs or drink or new clothes or expensive things, guess
    my thing is looking good. Big health nut here too.
    Okay take care, chat me up anytime, Rob

  3. I am a licensed esthetician in my 50’s and have seen it all. The Pelleve’ is exactly how you describe it…subtle, yet defintely makes a difference. Botox and dermal fillers are wonderful if injected properly. Alot of anti-aging seekers need to know that all these procedures in decreasing folds and diminishing lines still does not change the texture and glow of the skin. There is no substitute for good skin care and nutrition. Aging is inevitable. The subtle improvements are the most attractive. Even wrinkled skin can look beautiful if it looks soft and glows from good skincare. A beautiful face actually comes from within. A heart of gratefulness and love brings out the kind of beauty that draws a crowd.

  4. Hello I need help! You seem like the most knowledgable person ever on this topic!! I am 20 yrs old who uses trentinoin, retine everyday before bed. It has really helped, but I have alot of acne scars and also still some cystic acne and a couple pimples. I really want to try the in home peels made by muac…They have a tca, glycolic, and lactic acid peels. I am not sure which one to try. Well I guess my REAL question is can I use these peels along with retine at the same time?? Or will my face completely deteriorate!? I have pretty strong skin and have gotten glycolic peels in the past but not recently. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! Do you think peels are even worth it?!?!?! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow, you sound like you have been through alot. I have seen 70% glycolic peels work very well to reduce breakouts. If you have been on Retin A for at least six months and you don’t have peeling and redness, than ask your dermatologist about adding a monthly glycolic peel to your treatment plan. Lactic acid peels are not strong enough while peels while unless they are done properly in a doctor’s office there is a risk of scarring from TCA peels.
      Many dermatologists believe that the best treatment for cystic acne that has been resistant to other treatments respond well to hormonal treatments like Ortho Tri-cyclen. THis combo of estrogens and progesterone will shut off the production of testerone which is driving the acne. Again this is only available by perscription but is covered by most health plans if you are under age 25. THis is what I used and it changed my life.

      I think its best to wait until breakouts are undercontrol before turning your attention to eliminating acne scars. THere are new wonderful treatments like Fraxel which can erase years of eruptions. Let me know how thigs are going.

      • Wow you are the best thank you soooo much! Such a fast response!!!
        So are glycolic acid peels good for reducing acne scarring? Do you know anyone who has used glycolic peels while using retine??? Wow I have to look into that stuff thanks so much!

  5. I am assuming if they are blocked pores that regular exfoliation should help prevent them. I had one removed at the doctors office and she used a sterilized needle to tease it out… No scars or ill effects and it has never come back! 😀

  6. I really love your blog and you are very inspiring! I am hoping to get into makeup and skincare in the future and reading your blog gives me great info especially since I am just a beginner on wordpress! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  7. It’s hard to find someone more knowledgeable and forthright in the anti-aging industry as Deb. As we were in the development process for our latest line, Deb’s blog was a constant source of information and tips on which ingredients should be considered in the formulations. Thank you for all of the work you’ve done here, we will continue to be avid followers!

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