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Fashion Flash Boutique


There is certainly no shortage of beauty and fashion products sold online. There is a seemingly endless variety of vitamins, anti-aging moisturizers, self-help books and exercise CD’s. And that’s the problem. There is just too much stuff out there making it difficult to find exactly what you need at a price you want to pay.

The bloggers of Fashion Flash care passionately about what they buy and use and now will be sharing their favorite choices in the just launched Fashion Flash Boutique. This online store will offer what they truly feel are the best of their kind at the best price on the web from women who know what they are doing. We are beginning with one or two items from each site. Each one will be featured for a few months and then archived and replaced by new seasonal items.

I am so proud of each and every selection offered by the Fashion Flash sites. For example, Mirabai of Moving Free is featuring bright blue water filled hand weights. Not only does this allow me to adjust the weight, I love the smooth motion of water filled weights—much easier on my back and arms than the clunky metal hand weights. Melanie of Society Wellness features a vitamin D supplement, an especially important supplement when you use a sunscreen. Bobbi of Date Like a Grown-Up is offering an incredible package of counseling tapes and study guides. IMO she has unique insights into relationships and she translates these ideas into genuinely helpful advice.

From No-Nonsense Beauty Blog, I will offer two of my favorite beauty discoveries—a unique cleansing cloth and a sunburn alert wristband that show you how well your sunscreen is working and when you need to cover up. I hope you will browse thru Fashion Flash Boutique to explore the most innovative and effective health and beauty tools on the market.