Edelweiss– The Beauty Flower

EdelweissMost of us know the  edelweiss  flower   from  a Sound of Music song but in real life it  is a powerful mountain flower and  has been part of alpine home remedies for centuries.  Teas and salves  compounded with  edelweiss have been used to relieve chest pains, arthritis, digestive problems, bronchitis and even cancer. Eueopean mountain villagers  knew that edelweiss  based care   just worked.  In recent years researchers have demonstrated that this yellow and white flower works because it  contains  anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemicals.

Edelweiss 101

This daisy like flower grows in montain regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It blooms only in August and September and has  become so popular that in 2004 Switzerland created plantations of edelweiss to meet the demand.  A few years later  it was declared a protected species.

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How Air Pollution Ages Your Skin

question: Facial ExerciseQuestion:  Can air pollution age my skin?  After a day in the city, my face feels gritty and irritated.My gut tells me this can’t be good.

Answer:  Your  gut instinct is right.  Studies have now shown that women who live in high traffic areas have more dark spots and wrinkles. That’s the bad news. The good news?   Other research can  both explain  why traffic pollution ages the skin  and how to prevent the damage.

Air Pollution and the skinHow Air Pollution Ages the Skin

The problem starts when car emissions in heavy traffic combines with sunlight to form ozone gas.  The ozone oxidizes the natrual skin oil … Continue Reading…

CoQ10, Part 2– Amazing Skin Benefits

CoQ10 questionQuestion:   Can CoQ10 really help my skin or is it just  another  inflated promise?

Answer: CoQ10 is a vitamin like nutrient that is naturally found in the body. With  strong antioxidant  and anti-inflammatory powers,  its sad but  true that  its levels drop with age and illness.  To promote health and healing there  is a great interest in using it as an oral supplement. It  is equally intirguing in skin care.

CoQ10 and Your Skin

This mighty  substance is on the short list  of ingredients tht can actually be absorbed into the skin.  Studies have show that it  is  a sunscreen on steroids.  Unlike tradtional sun protection chemicals, it does not absorb UV rays but acts as a cellular shield to actually boost the value of  a sunscreen. But wait, there … Continue Reading…

CoQ10 for Heath and Beauty, Part I

Question and Answer logoQuestion:  There is  five foot shelf of CoQ10 products in  my vitamin store and I have also seen it on the label  of  moisturizers and serums.  What is it and should I being using  it?  And if yes, what  form should I buy?

Answer: This  seemingly  simple question has a complicated answer.   Let’s start  with the easy part.  CoQ 10 is similar to a vitamin and is a powerful antioxidant.  It is  made by the body and is essential for providing energy to the cells.  As with so  many self made substances,  the levels drop  both as we  age  and in health problems such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, some cancers,  Parkinson’s disease  and heart disease.

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The High Cost of Beauty Just Got Higher

high price of prescription sOver the past few months I  have been hearing  reports of the soaring  costs  of prescription skin care products.  For example I have received emails from readers about  the heart-stopping prices for  Retin A Micro( for anti-aging), BenzaClin ( for acne)  and Finacea ( for rosacea). In some cases the prices  have jumped as much as  400%. At first I thought it was  just a mistake or  an out of control pharmacy.  Actually that would  have been good news.  A little  research revealed   that insanely high prices for older drugs  are an all too common problem these days.

Three years ago, 45 gram tube of Retin A  Micro was $300.   Today, a 20 gram tube- about  half the size- is $450.BenzaClin, a combination of clindamycin … Continue Reading…

Are Telemeres the Key to Health and Beauty?

Q&A about hormonesQuestion:  What do you know about telemeres?  I’ve heard  that they hold the key  to anti-aging and produtcs with telemeres can prevent  wrinkles.  But they are really expensive so I want an honest opinion.  Are they worth the money?

Answer: This is a BIG question and it deserves a BIG answer. Telemeres are the tips of th DNA strands that control our cells.  They keep these protein chains from unraveling much the way  the plastic tips on shoe laces  keep the laces intact. Studies have shown that telemeres become shortened as we  get older and the shortened telemeres can’t protect the cellular DNA.  When the DNA is damaged, the cells can no longer reproduce and die off. Studies have shown that  people with diabetes, heart diseae and dementia  have shortened telemeres. The telemeres of wrinkled, sagging skin cells  are … Continue Reading…

What Can Feverfew Do For My Skin?

Feverfew flowersQuestion: My Nana used  feverfew for  her headaches. Now I see it in cleansers and moisturizers.  I know it helps migraines but what does it do for the skin?  In other  words is it hope or  hype?

Answer:  My aunt was also a big fan of feverfew.  She took it  for every type of pain and  never left  home without a bottle of feverfew rattling around  her big purse.

The Good ( and  Bad) News about Feverfew

Feverfew is a flower  in the sunflower family.  It looks a lot  like daisies and is found in Europe and North America. It has been shown to be both  anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria and can be helpful  to reduce redness of both acne and rosacea.  When added to a sunscreen, it can reduce redness … Continue Reading…

Spa Week is Back!

Spa Week treatmentsSpa Week  is  coming!  For some people, autumn means  changing  leaves, back to school clothes  or footbal games.  For me,  fall means  Spa Week is   just around the corner.   This year  its October 12-18  and its a chance to get effective but  usually   pricey treatments at  just $50.

All through the year I write about great skin care options, but  sometimes I feel a bit guilty about   the price of  many of these treatments.  But during Spa Week prices are slashed in the most popular spas across the country.  For example, one of my top five  beauty treatments is the Hydrafacial that  is normally  about $150.   It is a combination of microdermabrasion,  glycolic peel and  oxygen infusion.  It creates a yourthful, healthy glow that … Continue Reading…