The Truth About Tumeric

tumeric for healthy and beautyTumeric is a vivid yellow root that has been use dfor centuries to season food  and heal the body.  Popular in South Asian cuisone, tumeric has been part of medica care since 600 BC. It is a multi-talented spice that valued  valued for its ability to reduce inflammation warts and acne.  It even was  a standard care for wound healing after battles.

Modern research has shown that this spice is an effective antioxidant, anti bacterial and even has  anti-cancer fighting abilities. It is used to treat burns, insect bites, eczema psoriasis and skin ulcers.  That’s a pretty impresive list– and if something is that good there is usually a downside– and its true with tumeric.

The brilliant yellow color of this   effective  spice can cause problems for certain skin … Continue Reading…

Cosmoprof– The Best Beauty Show Got Even Better

Cosmprof is the world’s largest beauty show.  Each year  more than 1000 exhibitors  present new products, tools and techniques– and it can be overwhelming.  This year Cosmoprof made it so  much easier  to process the new  and  best in beauty.  They  grouped products into related sections so that I could focus time on a specific area- and find it again for follow-up photos and questions. I spent  most of my time at four key ares:

Cosmoprof-- Discover BeautyDiscover Beauty –Easy to access  stations feature carefully curated start-up brands and original products.  I “discovered” BlendSmart  an innovative automatic brush for applying foundation– and its a game changer.  I was  also so impressed with a line of products  designed  to protect the skin from pollution.  I recently … Continue Reading…