Easy Answers for Beautiful Brows

Benefit Brow BarStill focused on my brows, the minute I stepped into the girly pink Benefit Brow Bar, I felt renewed optimism.  The store was bustling with three estheticians working with customers.  They were discussing options with their clients, stopping to check the results in the mirror  to get their feedback.  It was a true collaboration rather than the blitz attack that I experienced with my celebrity brow stylist.

Trying Out Brow Options

Six weeks after my epic brow shaping I still did not have enough regrowth to reshape. brows with powder and pencil Instead I worked with a very talented make-up artist named Asia to show me what … Continue Reading…

The Truth About Eyebrows

eyebrowsOpen almost any comprehensive  beauty book and  you will see a section on eyebrows.  They  offer different styles  and suggest which ones  are  best for different face shapes.  If  only it was that easy.  Then there is that  magic formula that recommends that the   brow start at the inner  corner of the eye, arch at the outer corner of  iris and ends at a spot that is in line with the nose.   Before I had my brows shaped   (erased?)  I diligently studied  my shape options and  which ones would be best for  my round/square  face.  But IRL  it turns  is our  natural brow length and thickness that drives  the final shape.

Brow shapes are very much like  hair styles.  If you have  curly hair, straight bangs … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoI  love hosting Fashion Flash during the holiday season.   Our bloggers   have assembled a great selection of  posts that reflect  the fashion, beauty and health needs  for this time of year:

* Jodell of BlackCatPlus shares an inerview on Katie Couric that  encourages plus size women to start moving.

* Deb of Fabulous After 40 wants you to  look gorgeous  AND save money.  With all the expenses of the holidays, she doesn’t want you to blow your Christmas budget on a single dress.  Deb shares  5 holiday party dresses that are under $158!

* Staness of Menopause Makeover  share a wonderful Christmas story!  Heather lost 52 pounds during her Menopause Makeover and her family lost weight too.  What are you giving yourself for Christmas this year?

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Fabulous Feet After 50

Five inch heels at Fashion WeekThe towering heels at Fashion Week continue to haunt me.  Not only is  there is no way I  could  walk around all day in those heels, I realized that its been years since I’ve enjoyed   shopping for shoes.  I’ve been grumbling  that shoes  are not  well made anymore,  but the truth is the changes  are  in my feet,  not the shoes.

Feet Change  as We Get Older

According to the American Podiatic Medical  Association there are three  key changes in the architecture of the foot that take the fun out of shoe shopping ( my words, not theirs)

1. Changes in Fat Pads— the same type of fat pads that are shrinking in our face and causing wrinkles, are also causing problems in  our feet.  The fat pads act as a cushion to reduce impact from walking and running.  These fat pads  … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Falsh posts that explore neon colors over 40, back saving golf exercises and 8 sings of aging hair Continue Reading…

My Summer Beauty Tool Kit

The return of warm  sunny weather  made me realize that  my beauty tool kit needed a tune-up. While I keep using Retin A,   I need to crank up  my sun protection and  add anti0xidants  to repair sun damage.  I  have found six products that fit the bill perfectly:

1.  Eye Make-up Remover —Almay Oil-Free  Travel  Pack ($.99)

I used this product  all winter and really loved  the way it took off my mascara without leaving an oily film.  Only problem was the package — a 3 inch high jar that did not pack well.  At Ultra, I discovered  it came in a travel size of 15 pads that fit beautifullyinto my toiletries bag.  Just perfect for weekend strips  to the country.

2. Cleanser — Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash ($8.99)  This fragrance-free clear liquid cleanser is gentle and oil free.  Its so mild that it can be used to remove eye … Continue Reading…