Meet Seaweed– Your Skin’s New BFF

seaweed for beautyI have to admit  that I was  disappointed to  learn that seaweed had limited  nutritional value as well as a troubling downside.  But I was then  thrilled to discover  that seaweed is a skin care superstar.  Different forms of sea plants  have  long been used in the manufacture of creams, lotions and balms to provide natural thickening  and emulsification ( eg  keeping oil and water together).  In the past  decade, peer reviewed published studies have shown that seaweed varieties can benefit  skin in four  much needed ways:

Seaweed for Super Hydration

Sea plants helps the skin hold moisture in two ways. The gel-like  properties of seaweed acts like a shield to prevent water evaporation from the  skin– sort of the way plastic wrap … Continue Reading…

Neck News– The Three Part Neck Makeover

Neck Before BotoxI have been trying out cutting edge anti-aging tools for my face and I love the results. Clear and Brilliant laser, Retin A, Botox, and IPL have made a lovely change in the quality, tone and color of my facial skin. My neck is another story.

The sallow color, little bumps as well as crinkles and wrinkles, make my neck look decades older than the rest of my head. It’s almost like a younger face is now on top of an older neck. Not good. As a child I remember an aunt who worked hard on her neck. Each night she slapped on a thick, heavily scented cream with a steady rhythm and slept with a chin strap to hold everything together. It  didn’t really work … Continue Reading…