I Try Out the Konjac Sponge

Konjac spongeAt  the recent ( and huge) Cosmoprof Beauty Show  in Las Vegas, it seemed like every third booth was offering the Konjac sponge.

Developed in Japan, it is produced from  the Kojac plant which has been used for centuries in Japan for health and beauty.  The plant  contains elastic fibers and is packed with protein, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids.  The sponge ia actually made from  dried and powdered Konjac root that  has been mixed with water to form a paste. This goo is mixed with calcium hydroxide, poured into molds and  heated to solidify the mixture.  The plum size Kojac balls are then frozen for 24 hours then slowly dried to evaporate moisture.   The final sponge has a pliable, bouncy texture and can be used with and without a cleanser.

There are two  main types — hard and … Continue Reading…

Salt or Sugar- Which Exfoliates Better?

Salt questionQuestion:  I love making natural products at home, especially   scrubs. I’ve read good things about both salt and sugar.  Which  one would you recommend?

Answer:  I’m also a big fan of DIY skin care.  I love to make my own products and scrubs are at the top of  my DIY list.  I actually like both sugar and salt scrubs and they work well for  different problems and different body parts. What makes both salt and sugar so effective is that the grains gradually dissolve as they are rubbed into the skin. Most scrubs are combined with oils to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. Sugar also contains glycolic acid  which is one of the most effective  exfoliating ingredients in  countless skin care products.   It removes the  top  dead layer of skin cells which not only clarifies the … Continue Reading…

Beauty Benefits of a TCA Peel

I admit I am a beauty junkie but I  also admit I am a coward.  At No-Nonsense Beauty Blog,  I get  many questions about  TCA peels but  I’ve heard they  can be uncomfortable.  I wanted to get real time answers, but  I cringed at the idea of a serious peel. I’ve had 70% glycolic peels that  gave me a little glow, but never had a peel  where  my skin actually peeled.   This winter I decided to put on my big  girl panties and  donate my face to  science   in yet another beauty experiment.

IMO Carissa McCormick is the best esthetician in NYC.  Working with Park Avenue  aesthetic surgeon Dr Z. Paul Lorenc, she has changed my skin with amazing treatments including the Hydrafacial and Forever Young BBL.Before we started she sat  me in front of a Visia imaging system to take a photo  that … Continue Reading…

Is Retin A Different From a Peel ? By Deb Chase

Question on PeelsQuestion:  I can buy a peel  at my local CVS  drug store but I need a prescription  from a doctor to get Retin A.  They seem to promise the same  results.  How are they diffeent?

Answer:  What an interesting question and a bit  more complicated than it seems.  In general principles, both  Retin A and peels exfoliate the top layer of dead dry skin cells.  This stimulates cell renewal and promotes fresher and smoother skin. The natural life cycle of the skin is designed to shed  this layer of surface  skin.  But factors such as acne, sun damage and aging can inhibit this process.  The result  will be dull rough skin that is troubled with  breakouts, wrinkles and  discoloration.

Exfoliation with peels or Retin A stimulate the growth of healthy collagen, lighten or remove brown patches and help the … Continue Reading…