Amethyst– February Birthstone That Works for Everyone

amethystThe amethyst, birthstone of February is often called the queen of quartz.  In shades that range from plae lavendar to deep purple, amethysts are flattering on virtually everyone.  Available in both smooth beads as well as faceted jewels, they look beautiful with silver as well as combined with pearls  and gold.  In the 1970’s purple was associated with spirituality and was worn with everything  from  short shorts to mid calf wool coats.  Amethysts are particularly versatile, capable of adding warmth to a grey gaberdine pants suit or a delicate color of flowered summer dress and is an unexpected vibrant companion to basic brown.

Amethyst Backstory

The name  amethyst  comes fromm  the Greek  meaning ” not intoxicated”– a belief that it prevents the wearer  from becomng … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash.   We are  the generation  that is redefining the second  half of  our lives and most of the time we make it up as we go along. Its not an easy path, but Second Lives Club profiles  everyday heros for a real time road  map. In the past few weeks Second Lives Club  has featured a lawyer turned travel writer,  a scientist who became a textile designer and a publishing executive  who is now runs a woman’s fitness franchise. Reading their journeys is aways inspiring and empowering.  Its one thing to dream of  a new life… its  invauable to read about women  who actually  reinvented their lives and  themselves.

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Fall Fashion Trends Over Fifty

Last week I tucked my list of Fall Fashion trends into my  bag and hit the stores.  Some trends were clearly not going to work– crop tops that  exposed  five inches of  flesh,  ankle boots with five inch heels, and  maxi wrap coats  designed for women  over 5 ft 10 inches.  But   other trends seemed   very promising including  colors of the year– burnt orange and  deep red. But when it came time to  pull out my credit card, I literally froze.  There were  acres of jeans and sweaters  perfect for the college years.  Racks of skinny pants and chic fitted jackets  were  just waiting for a chance to go to  a great job.  I  gently fingerd the sleek  back dresses that were  crying out   for a great  party. As I wandered through  Bloomingdales and Zara’s  I kept asking– “where would I wear it?”

And  there was the … Continue Reading…

Its’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI’m hosting Fashion Flash this week and I am so excited that fall is  just a few days away.  This week I realized that I was bored with my summer  clothes and looking forward to  “sweater weather”.  This week the Fashion Flash bloggers are also  feeling  the changes in the seasons:

*  After a  long hot summer, our hair needs a little extra help.  See the fabulous results that Prime Beauty got for her thinning hair from Visiscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements– and enter to win a lifetime supply.

* Josephine of Chic At Any Age has the inside track on packing for an autumn trip to London.

* Fashion blogger Pam Lutell  of Over 50 Feeling 40 shows us five chic ways to … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Josephine of Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash! Josephine  splits  her time between St Tropez and London and combines  both  vibes into an elegant, European style.  In the summer  I love to copy  her flowing tunics and pants.  In  cold, wet weather he manages to look both  chic and stay warm. Best of all she picks such classic styles and colors that I  can find equivalents in  local US stores.   Her silvery gray  bob    and sparkling blur eyes  show that  true style is  just simply ageless.

Fashion FLash at Fashion WeekFashion Flash at Fashion Week

New York City in the midst of Fashion Week … Continue Reading…

Healthy and Beautiful Sandals

Flip SandalsOnce I solved the riddle of  painful shoes, I decided to drill down and  look at different types of  footwear.  Its been years since  I had  enjoyed walking in sandals, so I decided to explore  what  made sandals so uncomfortable..  According to NYC podiatrist Dr Michael Schumacher there are three key issues  in a sandal:

1. Sandal  Cushioning

The search for  a  foot- friendly sandal starts at the bottom with  padding.  You want  a nice soft layer of rubber on the  soles and a layer of foam  on the inside of the sandal.  This would start to explain  why those uber  chic leather designer sandals are  just dialing for pain

2. Sandals Need  A Little Heel

We all know that towering heels  are never  good for the feet, … Continue Reading…

Aching Feet– Its Not Me, Its Choo

Aching FeetI found the secret of happy feet over fifty.  For the past decade  shopping for a new pair of shoes had become worse than shopping for a new bathing suit. Just about  every shape and style of shoes hurt my feet.  From those that hurt when I walked to those that hurt  just putting them on, shoe stores  just seemed to be filled with  pain.

I tried  geting  a larger size, which left me clomping around the store like a little girl in her mom’s  clothing.   ( cute as  age  six, not so much at sixty).  I tried stretching the shoes,  adding pads to big shoes and even priced out custom  shoes. When I tried out orthopedic shoes that hurt I was outraged.  If a shoe is really ugly, … Continue Reading…

Its Back! The POSH sale in NYC

POSH saleThis is the week  that I wait for all year– the designer sale at the Lighthouse Guild in NYC.  From Thursday  May 14 to Sunday May 17  an army  of  fashionistas  will shop  racks of   Armani, Chanel, and Missoni clothing– at up to 90% off retail price.  Some are  lightly used   while others  are brand new donated  by stores and  manufacturers.

Last year I came  home with a six  foot  beaver scarf from Prada, a flowered silk dress from Nina Ricci, a green linen shirtwaist from Loulou de la Falaise,  and a navy blue skirt from Armani.  This year I was invited to preview the POSH sale and I  am so happy to report that its even better than last year.  There  are racks of beautiful … Continue Reading…