Spa Week is Back!

Spa Week treatmentsSpa Week  is  coming!  For some people, autumn means  changing  leaves, back to school clothes  or footbal games.  For me,  fall means  Spa Week is   just around the corner.   This year  its October 12-18  and its a chance to get effective but  usually   pricey treatments at  just $50.

All through the year I write about great skin care options, but  sometimes I feel a bit guilty about   the price of  many of these treatments.  But during Spa Week prices are slashed in the most popular spas across the country.  For example, one of my top five  beauty treatments is the Hydrafacial that  is normally  about $150.   It is a combination of microdermabrasion,  glycolic peel and  oxygen infusion.  It creates a yourthful, healthy glow that … Continue Reading…

September is National Ovarian Cancer Month

Skin Care during Cancer TreatmentSeptember is National Ovarian Cancer Month– a disease that affects 22,000  women annually  in the US. At No-Nonsense Beauty Blog we get frequent skin care questions from women with  different types of cancers on  dealing with skin problems with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. .

Life  saving chemotherapy  can  dehydrate the skin because  this category of medication shuts down  both oil and sweat gland activity.  This sudden and severe loss of moisture  produces intense dry areas, itching,redness, sensitivity and inflammation.  Nails   are also  hit hard with destruction of the cuticle and even the loss of the nail itself.  Radiation can be equally damaging. The intense heat can produce a painful sunburn, peeling and blistering.  Both chemo and rdiation can leave the skin especially vulnerable to infection.

When Cancer Becomes Personal

In … Continue Reading…

Painless Bikini Wax– Does it Exist?

Legs after bikini waxNow that summer is finally  here, the bikini wax  season is not far behind. And I have to confess that  there  have been many times when I’ve sat and sweltered at  the beach  in a floor length mumu  rather than get a fresh wax.    This year I decided I would explore the world of waxing to  find the most comfortable  process.  There are actually three  types of body wax– hard wax, strip wax and soft wax, but before   a single drop of hot wax  hits  the skin, there is the question of bikini wax prep.

Before the Bikini Wax Begins

A little online research  served up more questions than answers.  Some experts felt exfoliating the area  with a loofah  would prevent ingrown hairs.  Others said that  this type of exfoliation … Continue Reading…

How Long Can I Use Antibiotics for Acne? by Deb Chase

Antibiotics for AcneQuestion:  I’ve had acne  since my teens and  every new doctor seems to prescribe another antibiotic.  I’m worried about this and wonder how long can I take antibiotics  safely.

Answer:  When a doctor recommends antibiotics for an infected bug bite  or lingering cough, its usually for a relatively short period of time that ranges from 5-10 days. But when  antibiotics are prescribed for antibiotics, the time frame changes significantly.  How long  you can safely and effectively use  antibiotics for acne  depends  on the type and form  of the different  antibiotic options.

Antibiotics for Acne 101

For acne, antibiotics are used directly on the skin as well as taken in pill form. The most commonly used antibiotic is benzoyl peroxide. Available without prescription and formulated into a gel or cream, benzoyl peroxide … Continue Reading…

Retin A and Breast Cancer- Is There a Link?

Q&A logoQuestion:  I used Retin A  and then  was diagnosed with breast cancer.   I want to go back on Retin A but don’t want  to cause a recurrence of the cancer. Is it safe for me to use it again?

Answer:  Wow,  this is such an important question-and given that its Breast Cancer Awareness Month, its the perfect time to answer it. According to Dr Albert Lefkovits  who is associaed with the Mount Sinai Schoo of Medicine,  Department of Dermatology, there are no reports  in the medical and scientific literature that  point to a link between breast cancer and Retin A.   In fact Retin A  is well known for its ability to normalize skin cell growth and life span. Actually about ten years ago there were clinical trials to see if Retin A would inhibit  breast cancer growth.  That didn’t appear to … Continue Reading…

Acne and Women of Color

woman of color without acneAt least once a week I get  a question about the best way to manage acne in women of color and at the summer sesion of the American Academy of Dermatology, I finally got the right answers.  A three hour power session on the treatment of acne  with dermatologist super stars included  Dr Andrew Alexis, Director of the Skin of Color Center at St Lukes Hospital in NYC

First the good news.  Acne in women of color is usually milder and less frequent than  seen in lighter skin tones.  The bad news?   Even mild acne breakouts  tend to leave dark spots and patches that seem to last forever.   Called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH,  it is the result of irritation  from both the acne  and the treatments used to … Continue Reading…

Acne and Breastfeeding- Doing Right for Both Mother and Baby

acne free mom with new babyMaybe its the birth of  the royal baby, but my e-mail at the blog definately has baby fever.   Last month I answered questions about acne care during pregnancy.  This week I’ve  researched  best practices for skin  care both before and after pregnancy.

Question 1 — “Ive been on Retin A gel for 10 years.  We want to start a family, but I am concerned.  How long do I have to wait after going off Retin A to be sure its safe for the baby?”

Answer 1-  If you take oral Retin A or spironolactone ( a hormone used to treat acne)  doctors recommend  waiting six months before trying to conceive.  However if you used  just a topical Retin A, there is no waiting  time.  Good luck!

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Acne in Pregnancy- Safe Treatment for both Mother and Child

acne and pregnancyAcne is as much a part of pregnancy as swollen  ankles and back aches. Since June is Acne Awareness Month I thought it was the perfect time to interrview dermatologist superstar Dr Ellen Marmur on the best ways to deal with pregnancy breakouts.

According to the New York based dermatologist, the hormonal firestorms during pregnancy can produce that characteristic glow of pregnancy or a truely wicked set of spots.  Durig the first three months, the levels of the gorwth hormone HCG rises quickly to prep the placenta and increase blood volume.  The rosy glow of pregnancy is actually due to this increased blood flow.  In the next  twelve weeks, a surge in a second hormone called progesterone increases oil production which can trigger acne.

When and what … Continue Reading…