Painless Hair Removal– Does It Really Exist?

Painless hair removalWhen I launched  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog, I started my  beauty treatments with a laser  to remove excess  facial hair.   It was almost my last beauty treatment.  It  hurt so  much  I nearly fell off the table as I squirmed around from the pain.  Even the quickly offered post treatment icebag  did little to help my red, burning chin.  I vowed that I would never, ever have laser hair removal again– even if I grew a full beard.

Well I guess I never should say  never.  When the  wizard of Park Avenue, aka  Dr Albert Lefkovits offered me a chance to try a truly pain-free  hair removal laser, I  couldn’t refuse.   Quite  simply  he is one of the finest physicians I have  met, and if he says LightSheer … Continue Reading…

Painless Bikini Wax– Does it Exist?

Legs after bikini waxNow that summer is finally  here, the bikini wax  season is not far behind. And I have to confess that  there  have been many times when I’ve sat and sweltered at  the beach  in a floor length mumu  rather than get a fresh wax.    This year I decided I would explore the world of waxing to  find the most comfortable  process.  There are actually three  types of body wax– hard wax, strip wax and soft wax, but before   a single drop of hot wax  hits  the skin, there is the question of bikini wax prep.

Before the Bikini Wax Begins

A little online research  served up more questions than answers.  Some experts felt exfoliating the area  with a loofah  would prevent ingrown hairs.  Others said that  this type of exfoliation … Continue Reading…