Can Natural Products Irritate Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin questionQuestion:  I have sensitive skin so I switched to all natural  products made with sustainable ingredients. Now my skin  has actually gotten worse.  My doctor wants me to use a steroid cream to clear it up.  Do you have a healthier solution?

Answer:  This  is the third email with a similar problem that  has shown up in  my mail box  this spring.The sad truth is that almost anything can irritate the skin.While natural and sustainable ingredients sound healthier and less irritating than products formulated with chemicals, a new ingredient made from sustainable ingredients  has been named  “Allergen of the Year”  by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

Called Alkyl Glucoside, it is made from coconut oil and simple starches like potato, corn, or wheat. It sounds like the perfect ingredient if you care … Continue Reading…

Is Rosacea Treatment Different for Men?

Rosacea in men questionQuestion:   I am writing to  you about my husband.  He has rosacea and   so far  nothing seems to help.  Are there different  products for  helping men with rosacea?

Answer: April is Rosacea Awareness Month and the perfect time to answer this question.  Rosacea is  a common skin problem that affects  an estimated 16  million Americans. It causes  frequent  skin flushing, acne  like breakouts, skin thickening and  can even affect the eyes.  While there  are  a number  of theories out there,  we don’t really know the cause.  What we do  know is that people with rosacea  have an overactive immunue response to foods and the environment.  In response to  sunlight, spicy foods, alcohol and heat,  they over produce  natural antibiotics called cathlicidens.This  causes blood vessels  to expand … Continue Reading…

Camomile– The All Purpose Health and Beauty Flower

Camomile uestion and answerQuestion:  Is camomile safe for my skin?   You have been writing some scary posts about  unsafe  beauty products.  Is camomile a better option?

Answer:  The  past  few months have been  troubling, but  in  the past  six  years and almost 800 posts , there have  been only  two posts  about real   health  problems with skin and hair care treatments.   That being said, camomile  is an amazing plant  with a  wide range of benefits. It is actually  one of the top five natural herbal remedies.   A daisy like plant, it has been shown to offer both internal and external benefits that  include relief from ulcers,  muscle spasm, colic, anxiety and eczema.

There are actually to types of camomile– German, is a wild species that is used … Continue Reading…

Is EOS Lip Balm a Health Hazard?

reaction to EOSPhotos of a bad reaction to EOS lip bam seems to be everwhere.  Los Angeles  resident  Rachel Cronin claims that EOS  lip balm caused   her to develop ” boils and blisters on and around her lips.  The photos are vivid and Cronin has hired  legendary attorney Mark Geragos and filed a class action suit against EOS. The number of people in the suit is not yet known, but there are  many reports  of  similar reactions o the EOS Facebook pages.

Causes of EOS Problems

There is no clear cause of the bad reaction.  Dr Marie Jhin, a  San Fransisco based  dermatologist, was quoed in the Huffington Post  pointing to the vitamin E ( tocopherol) in the lip balm.  While vitamin E is an effective antioxidant its … Continue Reading…

No Nonsense Wipes Holiday Special Sale

No-Nonsense Mini-WipesWhen I  introduced No Nonsese Wipes this fall, the response was terriffic.   I love these microfiber mini-cloths and I am thrilled that so  many of you share my enthusiasm.   Not only are  people  re-ordering them, they are ordering 6-8   packages at a time.   To thank all of you  for your support I have put together a  set   of mini-wipes for the holiday season. It consists  of a full size set of gift wrapped wipes to  give  to a friend  and as a thank you, a free holiday mini pack of three wipes for you.  In a gold and white holiday package the wipes are pefect  as a stocking stuffer, for   secret santa exchanges and as a  hostess gift. The  gift … Continue Reading…

Eczema– New Approach to an Old Problem

Eczema triggersMany people with eczema  have allergies or  have a family history of asthma  or  hay fever. Studies  have shown that up to 80% of children with eczem will go  to have asthma or  hey efver as adults. Given the role of allergies and inflammation in eczema there  are four  types of triggers:

1. Products that you use on the skin including detergents, buble bath, disinfectants and shampoos

2. Weather including hot weather, both low and high humidity and even getting over heated  from exercise

3.  Allergies including pollen, mold, dust mites  and foods like eggs, wheat and  nuts

4. Emotional and physical stress have been shown to trigger eczema outbreaks.  There have  alot of theories, but research points  to the activation of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

With all these  triggers, it … Continue Reading…

Could Your Dry Skin Be Due To Diabetes?

diabetes monthOctober is National Diabetes Awareness Month — a disease that affects an estimated  30 million Americans. Its pretty  well known that the high sugar levels of diabetes  has been linked to heart disease, strokes and blindness.  What is less well known is the impact of diabetes on the skin.

Elevated blood sugar affects  every organ so the body tries to flush out the sugar in urine and perspiration. This dehydrates the skin leading to  cracking and peeling.  This severely dehydrated skin becomes rough, thin and flaky.  It damages the outer layer of the skin so severely that  it no longer can act as a barrier aginst dirt and bacteria.  Not only does  it increase  chance of infections  diabetes makes  it harder for the body to fight infections.

Diabetes Skin Care … Continue Reading…

What Can Feverfew Do For My Skin?

Feverfew flowersQuestion: My Nana used  feverfew for  her headaches. Now I see it in cleansers and moisturizers.  I know it helps migraines but what does it do for the skin?  In other  words is it hope or  hype?

Answer:  My aunt was also a big fan of feverfew.  She took it  for every type of pain and  never left  home without a bottle of feverfew rattling around  her big purse.

The Good ( and  Bad) News about Feverfew

Feverfew is a flower  in the sunflower family.  It looks a lot  like daisies and is found in Europe and North America. It has been shown to be both  anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteria and can be helpful  to reduce redness of both acne and rosacea.  When added to a sunscreen, it can reduce redness … Continue Reading…