Is Life Better with Botox?

I have to confess– I really like Botox.  While I get great satisfaction making my own green tea toner  or a homemade  vitamin C mask, nothing gives me  a bigger, almost instant, boost than Botox.  Buts its pricey  and when I write about  the benefits, I get emails complaining about the cost.  I have also been asked about discounted Botox treatment  purchased from Groupon, but I have been concerned about the quality of the provider  and the Botox itself. Over diluted “tox”  will produce limited or short lived results.

In June, a friend   purchased a Groupon  coupon for Botox for $159– less than the cost of a fancy, department store night cream.( Most   Botox treatments   run between $500-700/ injection).   Natasha looked  wonderful and told  me the doctor  worked with Dr Neil Sadick, one of New York’s top dermatologists. I decided to try out a … Continue Reading…

Question: What is the Best Type of Facial Exercise

question: Facial ExerciseQuestion:  What is the best type of facial exercise?  One expert  recommends  blowing out  my cheeks 10X a day.  Another recommends twisting  my  lips  from one side to the other.   Do any  facial exerices deliver on their promises?

Answer:  Facial exercises are much like exercises  for any other part of the body.  Some  are beneficial, some  do nothing and some can actually make  matters worse. Vigorous facial exercises  that twist, pucker or contort the face put increased strain on collagen fibers –and actually do  more harm than good.  These movements  stress and strain  the skin and  increase wrinkling. However isometric exercises contract and lift isolated muscles.  This  brings oxygen and  increased blood supply to the muscles that  can  lift and smooth the contours of the face.  According to facial … Continue Reading…

Meet Seaweed– Your Skin’s New BFF

seaweed for beautyI have to admit  that I was  disappointed to  learn that seaweed had limited  nutritional value as well as a troubling downside.  But I was then  thrilled to discover  that seaweed is a skin care superstar.  Different forms of sea plants  have  long been used in the manufacture of creams, lotions and balms to provide natural thickening  and emulsification ( eg  keeping oil and water together).  In the past  decade, peer reviewed published studies have shown that seaweed varieties can benefit  skin in four  much needed ways:

Seaweed for Super Hydration

Sea plants helps the skin hold moisture in two ways. The gel-like  properties of seaweed acts like a shield to prevent water evaporation from the  skin– sort of the way plastic wrap … Continue Reading…

What’s the Problem with Strivectin

Strivectin questionQuestion:  I recently saw on  ABC news that the FDA  has criticized Strivectin and its anti-aging claims.  What does this mean? Is it dangerous? I’ve used it three months.  Can I get my money back?

Answer: Don’t worry! The FDA  did not say Strivectin was harmful.  Their official letter to the company challenged their claims and promises made about several products:

1. “Clinically proven to change anatomy of  wrinkle”

2. “This superb age-fighting serum is super charged with potent elastin stimulating peptides

3. “Potent elastin-stimulating peptides help enhance  skin structure”

Elastin and  its big brother, collagen are the  fibers in the skin  which keep it firm and smooth.  As age and sunlight weaken these fibers, lines and wrinkles  will develop. But anything that can actually increase growth of elastin or collagen is … Continue Reading…

Smokers Wrinkles 101 by Deborah Chase

smoker's wrinklesQuestion: I’m 45 and quit smoking five years ago.  But I still  have those smokers wrinkles.  How do I get rid of these vertical lines on my upper lip?

Answer: According to  Dr Gary Goldenberg of the Mount Sinai Hospital  Department of Dermatology, smokers lines are dynamic wrinkles– produced by continued  use of specific muscles.  The continual pursing of the lips during smoking over work the muscles around the mouth. Sun exposure which damages collagen also plays a big role in the development of vertical lines.  Even more troubling the smoke from the cigarettes actually increases the production of an enzyme in the body which breaks down collagen.  And there’s more bad news.  As time goes by we lose fat pads under the skin and as volume declines, there is just too much skin for the face.  The surface ripples … Continue Reading…

Why Does Beauty Matter? by Deborah Chase

Why Does Beauty MatterThere is a double standard about a woman’s appearance.  The media is obsessed with every detail of style icons like Kate Middleton, Beyonce and random Kardashians.  But when the averge woman, especially if she is past 50, shows an interest in  beauty  care and fashion we are labeled vain, narcissistic  and even anti-feminist.  Not fair.

Why Does Beauty Matter So Much?

Preoccupation with beauty is not an expression of a shallow and materialistic society.  Hundreds of studies published in dozens of academic journals have shown  that for centuries humans are hard wired to admire beauty.  Throughout the ages, poets have immortalized beauty, writers have made them the heroine  and artists have painted and sculpted their image.  Even  babies just a few months old smile naturally at a beautiful face and cry  … Continue Reading…

Skin Care Close-Up- Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Each week I get  3-4 requests for product reviews.  In order to find great options to recommend,beauty product reviews I decided  to add a new regular feature to No-Nonsense Beauty Blog. Skin Care Close-Up will look at  new skin care products and devices for better  and  up to date  beauty care.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum ( Reviva Labs, $22)

The first product  under review contains one of my favorite skin care ingredients, hyaluronic acid.  This safe natural substance occurs in the found  where it keeps the skin hydrated and the joints moving smoothly. As we get older,  the body produces less and less  hyaluronic acid which contributes to drier skin and creaky joints.

Produced  by Reviva Labs, Hyaluronic Acid Serum is fast becoming my favorite moisturizer.  This fragrance-free  clear  gel feels cool and absorbs  … Continue Reading…

The Anti- Aging Neck Makeover

Neck before anti-aging treatmentThe three part anti-aging neck makeover at Marmur Medical started with Botox to relax those two  vertical muscles under the chin.  Next step is the Clear and Brilliant laser  which is a baby version of Fraxel.  My neck looked generally better after Botox, but the skin is still rough and bumpy.  This is charmingly called “chicken  skin”  and  is the result of a loss of collagen in  the skin.  Clear and Brilliant laser stimulates this essential protein, something  the older  neck sorely  needs.

Aging  Neck Meets  Laser Love

In the examining room, my neck is pre-treated with lidocaine  to reduce discomfort.  Its a gel that  is applied generously and remains on the skin for about 20 minutes.  I grab a stack of magazines  to read … Continue Reading…