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    Fashion Flash is a select group of lifestyle blogs for women over 40.

    Fashion Flash covers a wide range of topics including health, skin care, fitness, fashion, make-up and reinvention. With a cumulative 500,000 monthly site views, 184K Facebook followers, 46K Instagram followers, 41K Twitter followers, 31K Pinterest followers and 9K Polyvore followers, Fashion Flash is one of the largest forty plus communities on the web.

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  • Fashion Flash on AirFashion Flash is a consortium of top ranked lifestyle blogs for women over 40.

    Our widely-read posts are packed with up-to-date info on healthy, beauty, fashion and fitness. We are turning our most popular posts into informative videos on Fashion Flash On Air, our own Youtube channel. In addition to original videos from the Fashion Flash bloggers, we will be uploading exceptional content from experts we consult for our sites.

    We have a roster of celebrity makeup artists, fashion stylists and physicians who will be sharing their best tips and techniques.