It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week, the incomparable Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash!  I  make  no secret  that I am not a big fan of exercise.  I know  by heart all the  amazing  benefits of regular exercise, its  just not  my thing.  But Mirabai did not give up on me.  She is one of the very few people on earth that can get me to move– and actually  enjoy  it.  She was  dancer who went back to school  and earned no less than 6 certificates in exercise  physiology.  There isn;t an excuse she has not heard and has an exercise for every body part and every problem. I promise  that if you subscribe to her site, you will find a  way  to include  healthy exercise in  your daily routinue.

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Giveway: Signed Cookbook by Poldark’s Robin Ellis

Cookbook giveawayI  am a huge Poldark fan!  I loved the series on PBS and  it took me a year but I just finished the entire  12 volume series set in 18th century Cornwall.  I was even more excited to  discover that Robin Ellis,  Poldark himself,  had written a  Mediterranean themed cookbook for diabetics.   I had a chance to meet  him in NYC and he graciously signed two copies of his beautifully photographed  book for me to share with my followers.  The recipes use  fresh, natural ingredients that burst with health.  And during this holiday season when everything  is high in  fat or packed with sugar ( or both) this cookbook is the perfect source for a healthy happy holidy season. In other words  you don’t have to be diabetic … Continue Reading…

Welcome to Fashion Flash!

fashion flash logoThis week, Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion FLash. I  love  her  European view  on the  life and times  of a woman over 50.   Vibrant and beautiful  Inka is always ready for  adventure.  Rather than a lazy week at a beach  she  recently jumped  a a chance for a dynamic vacation  in  a remote and  exciting  region. Inka  also posts fascinating  historical  facts and unique crafts  all over the world.   Her packing tips  are so good  I download and print them  when I am planning atrip of my own.  Check out  all her posts  on new ways and places to travel.


Fashion Fash Evine Holiday LogoFashion Flash Evine Holiday Guide

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Welcome to Fashion Flash!

fashion flash logoThis week one of our newest bloggers Allison of Never Say Die Beauty, is hosting Fashion Flash for the first time. Like  me  she is a New Yorker, but now lives in the Boston area. Allison is  smart with a great sense of humor and Never Say Die Beauty is a must read  for me.  Last week  she posted the second of our Evine holiday gift guide series. She  has been flooded with entries for her giveaway of cozy red suede gloves, but there is still time  for you to take a chance of winning these iconic  holiday gloves.

Fashion Fash Evine Holiday LogoFashion Flash Holiday Guide, Part 3

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Holidays at Fashion Flash!

fashion flash logoThis week Marcia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting  Fashion Flash. A former  teacher, Marcia approaches  beauty and skin care with a critical eye.  She explores  every product with a passion for  value and style.  In the coming weeks  Marcia will be using these special skills to pick three fabulous items from Evine  for the holiday season.  All  of her choices are perfect  gifts for the different people in our lives– as well as “you definately  deserve it” gifts for  ourselves”. And be certain to enter her Evine giveaway!

Fashion Fash Evine Holiday LogoFashion Flash Holiday Guide with Evine, Part  Two

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It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am so  delighted that Cindy of Prime Beauty  is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is also  leading off this week posting  the first installment  of our Holiday Gift Guide with EvineLive!, the home shopping  network.  I have been told that  this is the first time a blogger group has partnered with a home shopping network and  I am so incredibly proud that it is Fashion Flash.

We have been working  for weeks  selecting incredible must haves to feature on our sites.This  week Cindy’s  picks include a truely elegant fitness monitor and a eyeliner  kit to  makes any beauy junkies heart beat faster.  And  if you are not  a beauty junkie, this  kit  from Cailyn might  just turn  you into one.  Yes,  its that good.   In the next four weeks … Continue Reading…

Cinnamon for Healthy Holidays

Nothing says  holidays more than  the warm, sweet smell of cinnamon.  Sadly its often used with  sugary  high fats foods like rice pudding, sweet rolls and egg nog. That too bad  because this popular spice offers a buffet of health benefits:

Cinnamon and Diabetes

Studies published in the peer reviewed  Journal of the American College of Nutrition reported that cinnamon added to a routine diet  can lower  elevated blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon and Cancer

Laboratory reseaarch  has demonstrated  that cinnamon extract  can slow the growth ( or even kill) cancer cells.

Cinnamon and Pain

Athletes who took cinnamon supplements after a tough workout reported less  pain after exercising.

Cinnamon and Cholesterol

Doctors have found that people who took cinnamon supplements  lowered their triglycerides levels up to 30%.  Even better, the cholesterol  levels also  dropped from 10-30%.

Adding Cinnamon  to Your Diet

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It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting Fashion Flash. Her father danced with Bob Fosse and she has followed in his footsteps, literally.  Dancers know that the health and strength of their body is the foundation of  their career.  Consequently. dancers like Melanie are committed to  a positive lifestyle.   Each week  I  look forward to reading Melanie’s nutrition and  health  posts. From experience I have  learned to trust her advice and  loved her recipes.  I know  you will  find her  insights  as valuable as I do.

Fashion Fash Evine Holiday LogoIntroducing the Fashion Flash Holiday Gift Guide with Evine Live!

I am so excited to announce our 2016  Fashion Flash Holiday Guide in partnership with Evine Home Shopping Network.  I … Continue Reading…