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I get such wonderful questions from visitors to No-Nonsense Beauty Blog I started to do a feature that posted the Q&A’s which were relevant to most of us. This new Q& A tab will compile all these questions and answers and will be another resource for better beauty decisions. And if you have questions, email me at Deb@nononsensebeautyblog.com. If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who does.

07/17/2017:Can Natural Products Irritate Sensitive Skin?

07/08/2017:Acne Care for Latina Skin

06/24/2017: The Truth About Exercise and Weight Loss

06/10/2017:Is Hard Water “Hard” on My Skin?

07/15/2016: What is the Best Type of Facial Exercise

06/23-2016: Are There Any New Treatments for Acne?

05/21/2016: Epsom Salts– Great Old Treatment or Just Old?

04/09/2016: Is Rosacea Treatment Different for Men?

04/02/2016: CoQ10 for Heath and Beauty, Part II

03/26/2016: CoQ10 for Heath and Beauty, Part I

02/19/2016: The Pros and Cons of  Royal Bee Jelly

02/04/2016: Camomile– The All Purpose Health and Beauty Flower

11/19/2015: Are Telemeres the Key to Health and Beauty?

11/04/2015: Can Hormones Make Me Look Younger?

10/10/2015: What Can Feverfew do for my skin?

08/29/2015: Lanolin– the Good, The Bad and The Ugly

08/07/2015: Purslane- The Power Packed Health and Beauty Plant

06/24/2015: Is Micellar Water As Good As They Say?

04/17/2015: What’s the Problem with Strivectin

03/20/2015: The Trouble With Moisturizers, Part 1

2/21/2015: Salt or Sugar- Which Exfoliates Better?

12/27/2014: Can Cornflower Soothe Sensitive Skin?

11/13/2014: Are E-Cigarettes Safe for Your Skin?

10/17/2014: What the Heck is Niacinamide? 

8/28/2014: How Can Good Products Produce Bad Results?

8/7/2014: If Sunscreens are so Good, Why do They Make My Skin Break Out?

7/17/2014: How Do I Deal with Dark Spots After Acne?

6/10/2014: Can I use Shea Butter with Retin A?

5/10/2014: Skin Brighteners vs. Skin Lighteners – What’s the Difference?

4/17/2014: Cortisone – How Long Can I Use it?

4/10/2014: Is Marijuana the Key to Beautiful Skin?

04/04/2014: Is Retin A Different From a Peel?

03/15/2014: How Long Can I Use Retin A?

02/27/2014: Retin A in the Evening

02/12/2014: Smoker’s Wrinkles 101

02/01/2014: Retin A – One Dab for the Whole Face?

01/09/2014: Retin A – New Year, New Answers

12/13/2014: Retin A Round Up

10/30/2013: Can Ceramide Supplements Help my Skin?

10/17/2013: Retin A & Breast Cancer – Is there a link?

9/21/2013: Is is Skin Cancer?

9/14/2013: Sensitive Skin – Finding Make-up that Your Twitchy Skin Enjoys

8/27/2013: Sensitive Skin Gets Some Good News

7/17/2013: Vitamin E – The True Beauty Vitamin?

6/22/2013: Glycolic Acid and Retin A– What’s The Difference?

6/5/2013: Acne in the Spotlight in June

5/24/2013: Facials and Retin A– Good Idea or Bad Idea?

4/20/2013: Sunscreen Savvy- Choosing the Right SPF

4/12/2013: Help! I’m Too Old for Acne!

3/30/2013: Dead Sea Salts: Healthy or Harmful?

3/15/2013: What is Azelaic Acid?

3/1/2013: Is Arbutin the Answer for Acne?

2/1/2013: Do I Really Need to Use a Sunscreen in the Winter?

1/11/13: Is Argan Oil Worth the Money?

12/21/12: Botox or Laser – Which is Better?

12/14/2012: A Moisturizer for All Seasons

11/23/2012: When Does a Beauty Product Expire?

11/2/2012: Gluten Free Cosmetics

10/19/2012: Menopause Beauty Issues

9/30/2012: Trusting Health News

9/28/2012:  What’s the Problem with Dimethicone?

9/16/2012: Am I Too Young to Worry About Aging?

9/7/2012: Do I Need Another Doctor?

8/24/2012: Am I a Retin A Failure?

8/10/2012: Diluting Retin A

7/20/2012: Beauty at Any Age

7/6/2012: Sunscreens and the Hair

6/22/2012: Botox No-Shows

6/8/2012:  Retin A  and the Eyes

5/18/2012: Does Your Face Adjust to Face Products?

5/4/2012: Retin A and Acne– What Cleansers and Moisturizers Can I Use?

4/20/2012: What is a ” Green Cosmetic”? Should I Care?

4/6/2012:  What Causes Little Red Spider Veins on My Face? 

3/30/21012: What supplements should I take for beautiful skin?

2/24/2012: Microdermabrasion or Botox– Which is Better?

2/10/2112: Question: What are BB creams?

1/27/2012: IPL– Safe and Beautiful Results

1/20/2012: Flaxseed Oil or Flaxseed Meal– Which is Better?

1/6/2012: Retin A vs Cell Growth Factors- Which is Better?

12/23/2011: Does Hydroquinone Cause Cancer?

12/16/2011:  What can I do to look fabulous in less than a week?

11/18/2011: Can a Soy moisturizer brighten my skin?

11/4/2011: What are serums?

10/28/2011: What’s the deal with Boots #7?

10/21/2011: Do  Botox  creams really work?

10/14/2011: Does Soy cause Breast Cancer?

9/30/2011: How can I trust Health news?

9/16/2011: Am I too young to worry about aging?

9/2/2011: What’s the best way to deal with brown patches?

8/19/2011: Is MMP a good ingredient to look for in a cleanser?

7/29/2011: How Much Omega 3 Should I be Getting?

7/15/2011: How Do I Treat a Sunburn?

7/1/2011: Are‌ Ceramides‌ the‌ Key‌ to‌ Beautiful Skin?

6/17/2011: What‌ is‌ New‌ About‌ the‌ New‌ Sunscreen Guidelines?

6/03/2011: Why do Sunblocks Make Me Break Out?

5/20/2011: Is‌ Retin‌ A‌ Better‌ Than Antioxidants?

4/22/2011: Can I Use my Daughter’s Acne Soaps and Gels to Control My Breakouts?

11 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. Have you used cosmetics with human growth factor? and do you think the results warrant the large price tag? and if so should it be used along with Retin A for the optimum skin regimen?

  2. I’m taking a new product called Qclinica. A friend of mine said it had “amazing” effects on her skin and after a month I have seen some real change in my skin. It has a lot of ingredients and the site says it has Ubiquinol which is an active form of CoQ10. Is this a good product?

    • There is a good bit of enthusiasm for CoQ10, especially if you are taking statins like Lipitor. However its been my experience that no one supplement can solve skin care problems. I prefer to eat foods which are linked to better skin. THere are many products out there that make generalized comments like “amazing” or “a real change.” I tend to be dubious about such claims and that’s why I show before and after photos so that I can demonstrate measurable changes in appearance. My next series of photos are so not flattering to me but its the best way I can show what works and what doesn’t.

  3. Hello! I’m wondering if you know anything about the Tria Rejuvenating Laser. It is getting a lot of air time on Canadian television, and I never know whether to trust reviews I read online in case they are written by the company! It looks interesting, but it’s really expensive.

  4. Hello! I asked you this question awhile ago and you advised me to complete six months of Retin A first. Now I have done so!

    My question is about combining other products in the Retin A regimen. I have NeoStrata’s glycolic acid creams, one for daytime and one for nighttime, and I also have Dermologica’s vitamin C powder. I’m wondering if I will get more bang for my buck by combining these products in some way? Or just stick with Retin A? What do you think?

    Thanks for your advice! 🙂

    • I’m so glad you stayed with Retin A. Now if your skin is able to handle using it every night without irritation, you can certainly add additional products. I love Neostrata glycolic acid products and I would certainly add them first during the day and if all goes well, than at night too. Once your skin is doing well, you can use vitamin C in the morning. I would not use both vitamn C and glycolic at the same time. Not so much because of irritation, but the skin best absorbs one product at a time.

  5. Hi, I’m in my early 40s and have pretty good skin except for a little hyperpigmentation on cheeks from pregnancy. My doctor recommended 6% bleaching cream at night but I’m afraid to use such a high concentration, and I’ve heard that it’s been banned from several states due to the dangerous side effects. She also recommended Retin A and started me on a low retinol to help prepare my skin. I found an over the counter product (AMBI) that has glycolic acid and retinol as the main ingredients. Would that be beneficial to help control or even eliminate my hyperpigmentation before I start on Retin A? Thanks!

    • Six percent hydroquinone is pretty high. Glycolic acid and retinoids can be helpful depending on the strength of the formulation. One effective option pretreats the skin with 2 percent for several weeks to quiet pigment producing cells and then retin a is used to clear away existing pigmentation. Pretreating with hydroquinone is also helpful before gentle laser treatment.

  6. The over the counter has water listed as the first ingredient and the 2% is way down on the list – which makes me think it’s not as effective as a prescription. Would it be better to just ask my doctor for a 2% prescription?

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