Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week the Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.   We all  meet  many people in our lives  Some we like, some we don’t and then there are those who you feel lucky to know– and Jackie is one of them.  She has boundless energy, enthusiasm and curiosity for  new ideas and respect for old ones.  She  has an uncanny ability to seek out  all the  best in health, beauty and technology — cerainly  reasons why she was choosen to Beta test Google glasses.  Jackie doesn’t  just write about alternative health options,  she  lives them.  If you can’t  know  Jackie personally,  you can still experience her positive energy and information in her blog,  Aging Backwards.   

Acne Gets Center Stage at  American Academy of Dermatology Conference

Acne  is known as a common problem … Continue Reading…