Rogaine is Growing My Eyebrows!

Rogaine seems to be really working on my too skinny eyebrows. Its been  almost two months since I began applying Rogaine foam twice a day  to my brow area. To be totally honest I had a rocky time getting into a treatment routinue.   For most of the first month, I would miss at least one application a day.  And some days I never got around to  using Rogaine at all. It certainly was not  time or labor intensive but definately  aan extra step.  It took me a month to get into a regular routinue so I feel I am really just  in the first month of treatment.

Rogaine Routinue 101

I have been using 5% Rogaine for women foam.  The instructions recommend filling the entire cap with foam and use it all over your scalp.  There are no recommendations for eyebrows so I wasted quite a bit of the … Continue Reading…

The Ultimate Eyebrow

Last spring I went to an expensive celebrity  eyebrow expert.  In less than 5 minutes he reduced  my thick unruly  brows to a skinny, ugly semi-circle.  I left as quickly as I could   muttering to myself, “at least I have bangs, at least I have bangs”

I vowed to discover the real secrets of a good looking brow.  It has taken almost nine months for my brows to grow back enough to try out other brow beauty options. Talking to  experts, I began to underestand the basic issues behind eyebrow shape and volume. In reality, our brows are determined by the shape of the  brow  bone and  the pattern of hair growth. While brow styles go in and out of fashion, the basic shape  follows individual  anatomy. Blondes  have lighter, sparser brows, but  as we grow older   most of our brows  shorten and thin out. Working within these … Continue Reading…