The Five Best Anti-Aging Tips

People have often asked  for my  top anti-aging tips.  Is it Retin A?  A  YAG laser?  An anti-aging diet?  I’ve given this alot of thought  and asked the smartest doctors, stylists and make-up artists I know  for their best advice. I’ve now come up with a short list  of  five top age fighters:

#5– Watch How Much You Drink

I love Cosmo night at Dashing Diva ( my favorite  nail place)  and take  too much time pairing the right wine with a great meal, but I can’t ignore that alcohol is toxic to living cells. ( which is why its such a great disinfectant)  Alcohol floods the body with free radicals, slows circulation, robs the skin of moisture and ruptures small blood vessels ( that’s those tiny red lines on your skin)  Most doctors now recommend that women limit alcohol intake to 3-5 glasses per week.  While we have all read that wine … Continue Reading…