Fashion Flash Monday Explores Exercise Over 40

This week Fashion Flash is targeting anti-aging  exercise over 40.  From fashion choices Fashion Flash logo to figure busting moves ,  our experts  will motivate you to get moving for health and beauty:

* Jodell of Black Cat Plus helps  you exercise in style with on trend plus size work-out clothes

* There is still enough summer left to fit into that bathing suit beautifully. Jackie from Aging Backwards shares one of the best workout routines for a rapid shape-up.

* Can exercise reduce your risk of breast cancer?  About 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.  New research shows that aerbic exercise seems to change how our bodies break down estrogen.  LIFE SAVING information, a must read from Staness on Menopause … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash Monday: Focus on Yoga

Its Fashion Flash  Monday and the host is Staness of Menopause Makeover. Read her post on Yoga to learn  how to integreate this elegant execise into your life  and understand  the benefits you can expect.  Yoga is considered the”beauty exercise”  because  the movements are fluid  and gentle– no straining  and grimacing involved.  In fact according to Dr Ellen Marmur of Mount Sinai,  the effort  of weight bearing exercises make us contract  the muscles in our face that over time  can contribute to wrinkling. With yoga  your face  is serene as your spirit. 

After you’ve  clicked through our other fashion and beauty blogs check out  Simple Skin Beauty, a  great beauty book  from Dr Marmur.  It’s my #1 go to reference  on all things skin.  Simple Skin Beauty is written  in a clear friendly tone.  It breaks down  … Continue Reading…