Skin Deep Results of Hydro-Facial

Before my Hydro-Facial at the office of aesthetic surgeon  Dr Paul  Lorenc, his technician Carissa took a series  of  before and after  photos that were brutally honest. In the first pix,  the dark spots all over most of my face were signs of sun damage below the skin.  And here’s the scary part–  according to their calculation  I had mild-minimal damage.  I’ve got to see what significant damage looks like.  Note that  my forehead is pretty clear of dark spots.  I’ve worn  full bangs for 30 years which  has apparently protected the skin from sun damage.  Imagine how good my skin would  look with a full beard.  Around my eyes  you can see dark melanin pigment on  the lids as well as under the eyes.  Now I know  what’s driving my dark circles and … Continue Reading…

Anti- Aging Beauty Questions

With the return of  warm sunny days,  I’m getting a flood of great sunscreen questions.  Since 90% of  skin aging  is due to sun exposure, UV protection is just about the smartest thing we can do to avoid  wrinkles and dark spots.  But it can be harder than  just grabing a tube of goo and dabbing it on.

Question 1: Help! I know  I should use sunscreen, but they makes my skin break out.

I know about that  first hand. Its so unfair.  If you have oily or acne-prone skin, some sunscreen formulations can provoke breakouts, even in women over 40.  You should start by looking for oil-free formulations. Check the labels and avoid ingredients like beeswax, petroleum, parafin  and shea butter.  But oil  isn’t the only problem.  Breakouts over 40 are  the result of inflammation, rather than the hormone/bacteria axis, so  other … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Bracelets

A while back there  was a fad for copper bracelets that were  supposed to cure arthritis.  Pretty silly.  This year I’ve discovered bracelets that can genuinely help prevent signs of sun damage.   These disposable plastic wristbands  monitor how much sun exposure you are getting– and since 90% of  ski aging is due to UV raays, this little band  is a true beauty aid.  Called SunSense they give you two important pieces of info–1) It  lets you kow how much sun you are getting and 2) it shows you  how well your sunscreen is working.  Here’s how it works:

1.  Before going ouside, wrap the band around your wrist and then apply sunscreen to your body and  on the band.

2.  When you go out in the sun the band turns … Continue Reading…

An Apple A Day Keeps Wrinkles Away

The NHANES study which looked at the links between nutrition and health  included a section that  reviewed  diet and skin aging.   One finding  showed  people whose diets were higher in fiber had fewer lines and wrinkles.  Nice to know, but the question is why?  One theory is that fiber helps control blood sugar levels.  Its those spikes in sugar that set off a series of events that ultimately damage collagen and impede growth of new strong healthy collagen.  And its collagen of course that is so important in keep the skin smooth and  freee of lines and wrinkles.

Current guidelines reccommend  20-30 grams of daily fiber from fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  ( And this figure is 2-3X  the 10 grams a day that  most Americans consume a … Continue Reading…

Reversing Summer Aging– The Plan Begins

As I  progress in this anti-aging journey, I’ve discovered two things about myself:(1)  I really want to look good; (2) I want to look good really  FAST.  The little home  DDF Revolve Exfoliator  delivered on both accounts.  My skin looked fresher and healthier and it took only one minute.

The small hand held Revolve 400X is ultra easy to use.  It comes with two types of heads– a brush for deep cleansing and a sponge that’s used with a gritty gel.   The instructions are short and simple.  Squeeze out 1/2 teaspoon of the gel onto the sponge head.   Wash face as usual but don’t dry.   Push the grey button and press the vibrating sponge agaist your face for one minute.  I also aimed the exfoliator at my neck to tackle  that dull, bumpy skin.  Then I rinsed off my face throughly  to remove the gritty bits.

The difference was clear … Continue Reading…

Reversing Summer Aging

I’m happy that the summer heat wave is over, but my skin seems parched, dazed and well, somehow older.  According to my amazing derm Dr Ellen Marmur, the change in weather  has sent my skin into shock.  After months of sun, heat, sweating, chlorine, from the pool, and summer allergies, my skin is dull dry and tired.   Even more troubling, a few dark patches on my nose  that had been removed by laser,  have made a comeback.     I was all set to slather on my new stronger Retin A to jump start a better complexion, but  Dr Marmur  had a different two prong approach:

Step 1:  Take off the old dead layer of dead, dry and discolored  skin cells with a mild  office glycolic peel or microdermabrasion

Step 2:  Add  moisture, moisture and more moisture.  To this end  during the day I am to use a rich sunscreen such … Continue Reading…