Honey Health and Beauty Benefits

Question:  My neighbor  has diabetes and she puts honey on her foot to heal  a cut.  How crazy is that?

Answer:  Given that  sugars like honey  should not be part of a diet for diabetics, the idea  of honey  wound treatment is bizarre, but here’s the shocker– its actually a good treatment option.  Honey is  a centuries old remedy for a wide  variety of skin problems. It  contains an astonishing number of beneficial ingredients including carbohydrates, different forms of vitamin B, minerals( eg calcium, zinc, and potassium) antioxidants, lactic acid , and powerful flavinoids.  These  components  give  honey powerful  antibacterial, antitumor, antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory  powers.

Some studies have shown that honey can heal burns, ulcers and wounds while other research  has indicated that it  stimulates the production of fibroblasts. These are the fibers that  go on to  become collagen and elastin. Seriously.

Not All Honey is Alike

Some honeys … Continue Reading…

Cold Weather Skin

Last week I woke up  with bright red splotches on my cheeks and leathery dry patches under my eyes.   I tried using my usual mixture of  a daily  moisturizer mixed with a dab of anti-inflammatory steroid.  No change.  Thinking it was some kind of allergic reaction I mixed some oatmeal in cool water and dabbed the mixture on  my face.   This usually soothes anything, but this time  my skin seemed  to get worse.

I was on my way to call Dr Marmur when I glanced at the hygrometer ( it measures  humidity)  on my dresser and solved the mystery of my mutant skin.  The humidity in my apatment was a surprising 28%.  The unseasonable snow storm  that whipped through the tri-state area had brought cold windy weather that lowered natural humidity.  For healthy … Continue Reading…

Kale: The Ultimate Beauty Food

I’m working my way through the vegetable aisle, picking out items in no particular order.  Recently I added  big bunch of curly kale to my cart  and started to explore its nutritional profile.  I was blown away!  This common, affordable leafy green is so high in nutrients its ridonkulus.  One half cup of cooked kale,  which clocks in at just 21 calories, is practically bursting with a boatload of the strongest  antioxidants.  Its got twice the RDA for both vitamin A and vitamin C–both key anti-wrinkling nutrients.  It even has respectable  servings of calcium, iron and fiber.  But wait there’s more.  There is evidence that  kale is anti-inflammatory, offering a healthy dose of cancer fighting indoles.  Even better, Kale preserves these nutrients   after steaming, a stint in the microwave  or stir … Continue Reading…