Figs for Fabulous Skin

Figs Figs are an ancient fruit that grew wild in the Middle East and  Mediterranean. Today, most of the  fresh figs in our markets   are from California.  While they are high in natural sugars, they  also deliver a payload of potassium, iron, and ounce for ounce, more calcium than skim milk.   But what makes figs a nutritional rockstar is that they are a delicious fiber delivery system.  Two little fresh figs  boast 4 grams of  high quality fiber.   This is great news since major studies have shown that fiber is one of the three top food factors associated with  fewer wrinkles and less aging. Fresh  figs,  available from June through September, are super fragile and last only a week after harvested.  In season  you will see  three types of figs:

* Black Mission figs- black/purple skin and pink flesh

* Kadota figs– Greenish yelow … Continue Reading…

Quinoa- The New Beauty Grain

Every year there  seems to a new miracle food– acai berries, pomegranate juice and coffeeberry  all promised to be the key to health and beauty, but  just turned out to be expensive  fads.  When I started to hear about quinoa, I  thought it was just another hard core health  food.  But quinoa is truely a great new addition to  a beauty diet. 

Quinoa is a pseudo cereal that looks  like a grain but is actually closely related  to beets  and spinach.  It has the mild taste and texture of couscous or rice but with more protein and HALF the carbs.  Gluten-free quinoa is so nutritious that it is a candidate crop for NASA’a  Controlled Ecological  Life Support System  for long term human space flights.

How healthy is quinoa?  One  cup of cooked quiona  … Continue Reading…

Shrimp– Everyones Favorite Fish

Shrimp is the fish that even people who don’t like fish are happy to  see on a plate.  I confess that shrimp is one of my favorite foods.  Like  that scene in Forrest Gump, I like  broiled shrimp, shrimp cocktail, fried shrimp, shrimp salad, stuffed shrimp….  I also felt that a dinner of shrimp  was a great low calorie meal.  It was  low in  salt, calories and fat  and high in protein and omega3.   It all true. 

A four ounce serving of shrimp  has just 99 calories and 21 grams of protein.  It also  offers  just about  a full days requirement of omega 3 and 1/2RDA of vitamin B12.  But shrimp is not the perfect food.  Turns out that, ounce for ounce,  shrimp  has as much cholesterol as beef, which means its not … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Fashion Flash is hosted by the fabulous Black Cat Fashion Plus.   This comprehensive site  has a unique and always on point approach to fashion.  It provides a great  overview of  gorgeous things to wear  if you are not size 2 and/or under 23.  And its   the  best web  source for dresses  with, wait for it, sleeves.

And this month its National Nutrition Month and I’m exploring different diets to find the  most effective anti-aging food plan .  This first one is the DASH diet originally developed  for people with heart disease.  Its low in fat,  salt and cholesterol and rich in fruits and vegetables. So far, so good.  But it recommends up to 11 servings  of  carbohydrates,  much too  high  even  when its the “good” carbs.  It is also … Continue Reading…