Is Argan Oil Worth the Money?

Q&A2Question: My hair  salon is now selling  argan oil shampoo.  Is is a good choice for dry hair?  And is it worth  the higher price?

Answer:  Argan oil  is arguably the oil of the year.  It comes from the nut of the argan tree which  is found  primarily in Morocco.  In North Africa argan oil is used  as a dip for bread, in salads as well as in skin and hair care products.     Argan seeds destined for eating are toasted to bring out the nutty flavor.   When seeds are used for  cosmetics, they  skip the  toasting step. 

Argan seeds are a tough nut to crack ( pun not really intended)  They have to cracked by hand and the entire  extraction process is long and labor intensive.   This, plus  the  fact that  the argan tree is now on the endangered list, make argan … Continue Reading…