Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash LogoThis week Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Travels.  There is no shortage of online travel information and  much of it is thinly disguised advertisements for  different services.  I’ve been  burned more than once by a hotel or resaurant that  has  had great recommendations, only to find it  dirty, ouy of the way or  just plain weird.  But when I found Glamour Granny travels, I found a source of honest information from a women with style, taste and intelligence.  Click on Glamour Granny Travels and  you will  quickly become a fan.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Audrey At Home by Luca Dotti

When I  first heard  about the Audrey Hepburn cookbook, I had to admit  I smirked a little.  This was a woman whose stick-like thinness suggested a … Continue Reading…