It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week my midlife  role model, Barbara of Best of Everything After  50, is  hosting Fashion Flash. Author, wife,  mom, marathon runner, spokesperson  for AARP, Youtube star and Huffington Post columnist,  Barbara Hannah Gufferman demonstrates how to  make  the second half of  life  the best  time of our lives.  She is a source of constant affirmation and growth.  If I am feeling  a bit at  lose ends, I  click on her site for some  much  need positivity.  Its always works. Get 2017 off to a great start and subscribe to  her always  valuable site.

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It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week the amazing Barbara Hannah Gufferman is hosting Fashion Flash.  A modern day  Renaissnce woman she is AARP contributor, blogger for Huffington Post, Bone Health Ambassador for National Osteporosis Foundatio, Spokesperson, Always Discreet and Red Heart Yarns, author of The Best of Everything After 50 and currently training for the New York CIty marathon in November. She has a passionate belief that life is worth living– at any age.  Her site Best of Everything Over 50 is packed with fashion advice, healthy recipes and  truely addictive  exercise  videos.   I start  my day  reading what she is up to and I think you should too.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion FlashThis week, Barbara of Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is such a positive   image of  what  over 50  really  looks like– slim, active, happy   and always engaged in life.  Never didactic or preachy she offers always useful advice from the best way to “plank” to  the right way to enhance eyebrows.  And through her infectious enthusiasm  she  is the only person who  could get me to eat kale– and like it.  See her on the Today Show,   watch her AARP  Youube videos and read her articles in Huff Post.  Your body will thank you.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday

Fashion Flash logoIts Fashion Flash Monday, New Year’s Eve Edition,  hosted by Barbara of The Best of Everything After 50.  The Fashion Flash bloggers have cranked it up  to end 2013 with the best of the best  fashion and beauty tips:

* Jackie of Aging Backwards  takes an honest look  at New Year’s Resolutions

* Fab Over 40 ends the year with a not  to be  missed plan for reviving dull, dry skin

*Prime Beauty shows how to get  that  special beauty glow by using the right products

*Black Cat Plus proves that beauty is never based on size

* Fabulous After 40  shares the best looks of 2013

* Moving Free with Mirabai reveals the top five fitness myths

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week the host of Fashion Flash is Barbara Hannah Gufferman Of Best of Everything After 50– and  I can’t think of another woman who is a better role model for the 50+ woman. Slim with beautiful blonde curly hair Barbara can rock a leather  moto jacket as she speaks on  postive aging for the AARP.  She  sets the pace for over 50  living with daily exercise and personal  health and beauty  care.  And she is also one of the nicest and genuine people  you will meet.  Barbara is super smart, but I love the fact that she always reaches out to experts to cull the best and most up to-date advice on eveything from  political activism to  comfortable sexy shoes. Subscribe to her blog and  if you get a chance to … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logo

This week  Barbara of The Best of Everything After 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is one of those people who seem to know the  right way to do everything.  She has the best recipes for kale, the  right way to tighten abs and the best routinue for gorgeous   curly hair.  I share  her passion for finding the “best”  that life  has to offer and  her  site is  a constant source of  accurate and entertaining info.   She also  has the  most positive spirit  that comes thru in the wide range  of posts and  presentations.  I tend to become grim and dark  when facing issues, but  Barbara  lightens me up.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

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