No-Nonsense Fashion– Pearls

No-Nonsense Fashion -Pearls Real, cultured or fake,  pearls flatter women of any age, shape size or coloring.  Glowing with light , they  can be worn with equal ease  with casual sportswear, tailored business  suits, and  revealing evening wear. Pearls are generous, sharing their  luminous glow with your skin and  hair.  They are the ultimate team players of accessories generously complementing rather than demanding attention.

How Pearls are Made

Pearls  are created when a  tiny  foreign object ( like  grain of sand) drifts into the shell of an oyster or mussel. To ease the discomfort of the  intruder, the mollusk secretes a white crystalline substance called nacre to coat the irritant.  The layers of this material on the grain of sand eventually  produces a pearl.  In real pearls, the irritants sweep into the shell from the ocean floor.  In clutured … Continue Reading…