Invisalign, Take 2

Last year I tried to get Invisalign orthodenture, but “Dr Braces” as  I call her said I was not a candidate.  Instead she offered a plan that started by extracting four back teeth.  Then full metal permanent  braces for at least two years and at the cost of at least 10 grand.   I got out of that office so fast I left skid marks.

This year at Beauty Bash ( the lifestyle expo created by Geri Brin at  Fabulous Over Fifty, I made a point to touch base with the cosmetic dentists.  I was especially impressed by Dr Jaqueline Fulop-Goodling  aka Dr Jackie.  She is one of the top Invisalign dentists in the US.  I was impressed by both her credentials and her dazzling smile.

 From the first  moment I  walked into her  … Continue Reading…

Help! I was Rejected by Invisalign

Back in the fall I decided to explore ways to straighten my teeth.  Over the years the once healthy teeth had developed quite a slope and I had a full-blown overbite.  I didn’t want  to  go the permanent metal mouth route and was excited about a  program of clear plastic devices called Invialign.  Your mouth is fitted with a series of progressive  plastic trays that  slowly apply pressure to  push teeth into line. Not only does Invisalign avoid the metal brackets and wires of traditional orthodenture, it’s far  less expensive.

First step was making a plaster mold of my mouth and teeth which were then sent off to the Invisalign  HQ. I waited eagerly for the results.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally after more than two months I got the answer.  I was not a good … Continue Reading…