Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion Flash logoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting  Fashion Flash.  I love  this site with its blend of social  issues and beautiful, affordable plus size fashion.  In addition to  profiles of plus size icons  she calls out   media and celebrities  who  offer  a negative view of  weight.  This week  she is hosting a   a terriffic   fall line-up of posts from our bloggers incuding:

* Fab Over Forty  offers  the best way to shape  your brows

* Menopause Makeover looks at  the links between  red wine  and lowered risk of breast  cancer

* Best of Everything explores the third pillar of fitness

* Moving Free with Mirabai gives  you the essential moves for flexability

* Aging Backwards gets into the  season  with  Halloween make-up tips

* Fab After Forty shows you how … Continue Reading…

Budget Beauty Guide– Anti-Aging Options

One  of  my pet peeves are  fashion layouts that show you how to  use  the same  pair of shoes in three different  outfits– but  each outfit then requires  more than  $1000 in additional   clothing and accessories.  Money  is  money and  if you are trying to  cut fashion  or beauty costs,   the choices  need to  be genuinely  affordable AND effective.  To bottomline it, I’m not going to use supermarket bar soap to buy a $300  moisturizer.

With   the steady stream  of bad economic news and at  least one friend   laid off every week, I decided to get serious about  cutting skin care costs but without compromising  results.  So here is the first section of my anti-aging  budget beauty guide.  My goal: to   deliver  cleansing, exfoliation  renewal and protection  at less than one dollar a day. 


I believe that  great skin … Continue Reading…