Can Peptides Really Smooth Wrinkles? by Deb Chase

peptide beauty productsPeptides are one of the most highly promoted  anti-aging ingredients– but do they actually work?  The short answer is — wait for it– maybe. The value  of peptides to the skin goes back to the 1930’s when doctors discovered that yeast extracts  promoted wound healing.  Further studies showed it was the peptide proteins in the yeast  that were responsible  for the beneficial effects including  increased collagen production.   Researchers now believe that peptides  can boost circulation AND  trigger new collagen synthesis.  Excellent!

Three Types of Anti-Aging Peptides

There are actually three types of peptides  that are  popular  cosmetic ingredients:

1. Signal proteins are able to increase collagen production AND  slow collagen destruction.  ( FYI collagen fibers are what gives the skin its strength and flexability.  Old, weak collagen leads to  unwanted lines … Continue Reading…