Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  the  host of Fashion Flash is Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai.  From Aqua ballet to Wellness and Nutrition, Mirabai drills down  to explore exercise options.   Rather than a one size fits all solution, Mirabai  keeps  offering different types of exercise  to deal with  different needs and challenges.  This week  her site offers a wonderful short cardio video that gets that heart rate going without endangering 50 plus joints.  I’m a world exercise avoider and this video made me feel better, not exhausted and achy.

I just back from a two week  trip to France  and Lessons From Madame Chic  helped me extend the glow.  Like most women, I’m almost in awe of  the almost effortless chic Parisian women  seem to master from birth.   But how do they do … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Kari of Fab Over 40.  This constantly updated site  has become  my go-to  spot for all things beauty.  In recent weeks she has  profiled   five new delicious lingerie brands, a new long lasting lipstick with vitamins and without parabens,  and a honey  bath scrub from Laura Mercier.  I  have to admit I want them all.

I often have problems with celebrity beauty tips.  When asked  how they maintain a perfect body they claim a)  they never diet, b) drink a gallon of water a day or c) they inherrited their goods looks.  Seriously?

By contrast, Beth Chamberlin, star of the late, great Guiding Light, not only honestly  admits her  body problems, she shares  her real  diet and fitness strategies.  Beth and her husband, Dr Peter Roy  developed a popular Kettlebell program  that … Continue Reading…