Bella Contour- A Fat Buster that Really Works

I have to admit that I’m naturally skeptical about machines that claim  to promote weight  loss and reduce inches.  Maybe it was the Jack Lalanne  gyms that I went to with my Mom.  We stood there while we were jiggled with belts or massaged with what looked like large pink rolling pins.  It was a nice mother-daughter bonding time, but we never lost an ounce.

I’ve turned down most offers  of body shaping but when Dr Albert Lefkovits, one of my all time favorite physicians asked me  to try  his new Bella Contour machine, I couldn’t say no.   This is the dermatologist who picked up my diabetes from subtle skin changes and if  he thought this machine had merit , I was in.

Bella Contour is a non-invasive body … Continue Reading…