Q&A– Can ceramide supplements help my skin?

Question and Answer logoQuestion-  Dr Oz recently recommended ceramide supplements for better skin.   I know you recommend  moisturizers with ceramides.  Do you  also take ceramide pills?

Answer- I love  Dr Oz as much as the rest of  America, but in this case I am not that enthusiastic about these supplements.  To start off, there is only a single  small study ( as in ONE)  that looks at their value as supplements and that was done by the company that  is  selling ceramide supplements.

Then there are the supplements themselves.  They are made from plant derived ceramides and there is certainly a great deal of difference between  plant cells and human  skin cells.  It is also hard to figure out just how much ceramide is in each capsule– or even what the correct dose would be.  Some brands  are primarily vitamin E and/or a propriatory … Continue Reading…