Is Micellar Water As Good As They Say?

Micelle Question and AnswerQuestion:  What do you think of the Micellar cleansers?  I have rosacea and I am always looking for a non-irritating way of  washing my face.

Answer: I hear you.  I’ve got sensitive skin too  and I am always looking for effective cleansers that don’t trigger problems.   I am intrigued by the narrative about Micellar cleansers and your question pushed me to do  both  book and practical reseach.

Micellar Cleansers 101

Micellaire waters are clear, usually colorless and often fragrance free.  They are applied with a cotton ball, applied to the face to remove dirt and oil. Unlike other cleansers they  remain on the skin and are  not rinsed off with water.  Micellar cleansers  are very proud  of the fact that they  are soap and detergent free, but that claim … Continue Reading…