No-Nonsense Fashion -Gloves by Deb Chase

GlovesNothing says warm like a pair of gloves.  The aristocrats of accessories, gloves were once worn only by kings, princes and churchmen as a visible symbol of their wealth and authority.  Their elite image  endured for centuries and carried over to the tradition that expected  a woman to wear gloves for all occasions.

The sea change of social values that followed the 1960’s included the end of the glove culture.  Now worn primarily to keep worn,  a great looking pair of gloves can still pack a fashion wallop.  The right glove anchors the sleeve of a coat or jacket providing  an opportunity to express confidence and personality.

The Long and Short of Gloves

There are  basically five styles:

* Shorty — wrist length styles with an opening on the side or center.   Some … Continue Reading…

No-Nonsense Fashion- Mittens by Deborah Chase

colorful mittensMittens  suddenly seem like a great idea  when the temperature fell to negative numbers this week.  I  know its  winter and January, but seriously -8?  Fashion definately  needs  to take a back seat to function, but why can’t  warm clothing  rock with a little style.  And I’m starting with my  hands.

A Short History of Mittens

Dark and itchy  for centuries, mittens were the poor  mans gloves and worn  just for warmth.  They became a fashion sstatement in the 1920’s at St Moritz and Innsbruck, the winter paygrounds of the rich and royal.   The introduction of international  skiing and skating competitions inspired the development of decorative hand knit mittens for  both competitors and spectators.   The local artisans in Switzerland and Austria used traditional Scandinavian designs to replace the standard dull grey and … Continue Reading…