A New Anti- Aging Tool- Ultherapy

I’m so excited to  publish  the very first guest post on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  If you are already a fan of Diva Debbi, you know  her flawless style  and always  helpful advice.  If   this  will be your introduction to Diva Debbi, you’re in  for a real treat.

Like me, Diva Debbi tries out  different anti-aging tools and reports on their results.   I have been curious, but a little nervous, about Ultherapy, an FDA approved  ultrasound device that  tightens collagen.  When I learned that DD had tried it out, I  was thrilled when she agreed to repost her experiences on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  DD  had Ultherapy on her  eye area and  on her neck.  There are very few non-surgical options for the neck and it was wonderful to add a new … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Kitchen Cosmetics

I’ve been getting some pushback from blog visitors who are getting annoyed with the price tag on the  products and techniques I am recommending– and they’re right.

This is no time to throw money around.  To lower  overall beauty costs, effective and super affordable personal care products  can be  made  in your own kitchen.  Natural ingredients like lemon juice, honey and oatmeal are packed with active agents including fruit acids, antioxidants and soothing colloids. 

But before you squeeze a  single lemon or crack an egg,  you need to organize your kitchen cosmetic set-up. While the basic rules of simple cooking apply to homemade skin care formulations, these freshly made products are preservative free.  This  definately lowers  our exposure to chemicals, but  it can raise  risk of bacterial contamination.  To stay safe take … Continue Reading…

Q and A– Diluting Retin A?

Question:  I’m concerned that  that Retin A Micro .o4% will irritate my skin.  Can I mix it with  my moisturizer before  applying it?

Answer:    I’ve received this type of comment  so frequently I think it deserves a post of its own.  Mixing  Retin A ( aka tretinoin) with a moisturizer immediately reduces its concentration and  impast on the skin.  If you take a pea size dab of  .04% tretinoin with an equal dab of moisturizer, the concentration is now .02%– lower than any other prescription grade  tretinoin.  If there is more moisturizer than tretinoin, then the concentration is even lower  and the action on the skin will be very limited.  Then there is the issue of cost.  Retin A  Micro .04% runs about $300/tube.  If you dilute it to .02%  you will get more  for  your beauty dollar if you buy  .1% Retinol from Skinceuticals which clocks in at $100.

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Retin A vs Cell Growth Factors- Which is Better?

This week’s question  shows how far  skin care products  have come in the last ten years.  Both cell growth factors and Retin A  are significant anti-aging tools.  Cell growth factors wake up old tired fibroblasts in the skin and get them to provide  more collagen.  Retin A also  increases healthy young collagen in the skin but we don’t exactly know  why.  In addition the retinoids stimulat circulation   producing a youthful healthy glow to the skin.  Finally retionoids  exfoliate the skin  that has three, count ’em three great benefits–  it removes dull dry tired skin, it stimulates the growth of  new fresh  skin and it slowly lightens discolorations and flat age spots. Nice.

But both retinoids and cell growth factors products have a few  issues.  Retinoids  can be very irritating and  some women  just can’t use them.  For women of color, retin A  may actually cause … Continue Reading…

Caviar– part of an anti-aging diet?

Every New Years Eve  my Mom and Dad would put out a tray of caviar and champagne.  In good years it was a little bowl of Beluga– and in  bad times  ( my Dad was a blacklisted writer) it was a bigger bowl of  red caviar from the supermarket. I have always  somehow believed that  this was  a healthy way to start the  New Year. 

This year, I decided to check it out.  On the plus side all types of caviar from the most expensive ( beluga, seruga and oserta)  to the little jars of red or black fish roe on supermarket shelves,   have about the same  nutritional  profile.  On the  plus side, one tablespoon of caviar has  a full days supply of vitamin B12. But every  animal protein– eggs, chesse, fish, meat and poultry is loaded with B12, … Continue Reading…

Cranberries- Thanksgiving’s Beauty Fruit

The Thanksgiving feast  may seem like a calorie  overload, but there  is a lot of great nutrition packed onto that table.  There are anti cancer fighters in the broccoli and  a boatload of vitamin A  in the sweet potatoes, but  the nutrition king of the Thanksgiving table is the cranberry.

Cranberries  have fiber, vitamin C and manganese, an essential mineral.  But what makes  cranberries  a superstar  its  its antioxidant power.  In fact, out of the 277 most commonly eaten foods, cranberrries has one of the very highest anti0xidant levels.  Since antioxidants reduce risk of heart disease and cancer and raise immunity, cranberries are a true beauty fruit.  

Studies have shown that   cranberries   can prevent and treat urinary infections, reduce risk of blood clots and in the lab seems to kill cancer … Continue Reading…

Another Anti-Aging Option

I recently watched a video that helped me finally understand  how human growth factors actually  work. At an excellent breakfest presentation at Bergdorf Goodman, Dr Alex Khadavi  explained how this type of  anti-aging moisturizer can reduce  fine lines and wrinkles.  Let me walk you through it:

Collagen is  produced by fibroblasts and naturally occurring human growth factors trigger fibroblsts into action.  As we get older, the levels of human growth factors fall and  the fibroblasts   seem to go into hibernation.  THat’s the bad news.  The good news?   Human growth factors in  face and eye treatment products   wake up the  fibroblasts to start doing their job making new collagen.  With healthy new tissue, the skin is  firmer and less lined.

Keep in mind that  lines  are  just one of over a dozen signs of  facial aging.  Growth factors does … Continue Reading…

Questions & Answers

Question:  I went to buy a glycolic acid cleanser and  was told that  something called  “MMP”  is  much better.  Its also much more expensive.  I can’t afford to keep buying a skin care  product and  then  learn that  there are better ones.  Is MMP   a good ingredient to look for?

Answer:  MMP  is an umbrella term for enzymes  ( eg collagenase) which break down old proteins ( eg old collagen).  The  body  produces them naturally and as we get older or are under stress, the  body produces  more of them.  Sunlight, alcohol and smoking  also increase MMP levels. We need MMPs to avoid build-up of   old damaged tissues– but too much MMP can increase  aging and skin wrinkling.

I think that the product you were offered had an anti-MMP compound that actually blocks MMP activity.   A lot of ingredients can … Continue Reading…