CoQ10, Part 2– Amazing Skin Benefits

CoQ10 questionQuestion:   Can CoQ10 really help my skin or is it just  another  inflated promise?

Answer: CoQ10 is a vitamin like nutrient that is naturally found in the body. With  strong antioxidant  and anti-inflammatory powers,  its sad but  true that  its levels drop with age and illness.  To promote health and healing there  is a great interest in using it as an oral supplement. It  is equally intirguing in skin care.

CoQ10 and Your Skin

This mighty  substance is on the short list  of ingredients tht can actually be absorbed into the skin.  Studies have show that it  is  a sunscreen on steroids.  Unlike tradtional sun protection chemicals, it does not absorb UV rays but acts as a cellular shield to actually boost the value of  a sunscreen. But wait, there … Continue Reading…

CoQ10 for Heath and Beauty, Part I

Question and Answer logoQuestion:  There is  five foot shelf of CoQ10 products in  my vitamin store and I have also seen it on the label  of  moisturizers and serums.  What is it and should I being using  it?  And if yes, what  form should I buy?

Answer: This  seemingly  simple question has a complicated answer.   Let’s start  with the easy part.  CoQ 10 is similar to a vitamin and is a powerful antioxidant.  It is  made by the body and is essential for providing energy to the cells.  As with so  many self made substances,  the levels drop  both as we  age  and in health problems such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, some cancers,  Parkinson’s disease  and heart disease.

The assocition between lower levels of CoQ10 and health issues  have led   to the study of the benefits of CoQ … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Staness of Menopause Makeover. Menopause is more than  just the end of your period, much more.   This amazing site has the health, diet and fitness info you need to deal with these changes.  This  time of life can radically alter metabolism.  I’ve always had to  count calories and could only stare enviously as my skinny friends ate anything they wanted.  Menopause  now has made us equals. Formerly trim friends  now  have to learn  new ways of eating to  keep their weight down– and Menopause Makeover offers  the tools they need.

And when you’ve explored Menopause Makeovers (  try her Noble Prize worthy  recipe for low carb,high  protein waffles), check out a new beauty book by one of the most respected dermtologists in the world.  Dr Neil Sadick … Continue Reading…

Real Time Beauty Questions

Sometimes anti-aging  ingredients and skin care  product descriptions sound like a review sheet  for  a medical board exam.  This week  questions about two  anti-aging ingredients sent  me to Pub Med, the  NIH online medical library for the answers. 

Question 1– What is Idebenone?

This is a synthetic antioxidant that is designed to mimic CoQ10, a naturally  occurring oxidant found in our cells.  (FYI  CoQ10 which is responsible for energy, decreases as  we get older).  Idebenone is an especially powerful antioxidant, perhaps the most powerful antioxidant in our anti-aging arsenal. Antioxidants in general  help prevent aging by dealing with free radicals in the cells.  Our biggest sources of  free radicals are cigarette smoke, alcohol and sunlight.  It certainly makes sense to put antioxidnts into a sunscreen where it can do hand to  hand combat  with … Continue Reading…