Invisalign- The First Three Weeks

My first two weeks wearing Invisalign  were painless, both literally and figuratively.  Just four days after I started, I thought I could see changes in the alignment of my lower teeth.   I assumed  it was  my imagination, but  by the end of the first 14 days I had objective  proof of change.  My teeth had been so tightly packed together that I had needed  to use the thinnest dental floss to get the job done.  By the time I packed away my first set of aligners, I had to switch to a broad floss for optimal dental care.

The Invisalign rules are  easy to follow , so easy that I got  a bit  lazy.  Instruction sheets make a point of  advising me to always  place retainers in the plastic … Continue Reading…

Help! I was Rejected by Invisalign

Back in the fall I decided to explore ways to straighten my teeth.  Over the years the once healthy teeth had developed quite a slope and I had a full-blown overbite.  I didn’t want  to  go the permanent metal mouth route and was excited about a  program of clear plastic devices called Invialign.  Your mouth is fitted with a series of progressive  plastic trays that  slowly apply pressure to  push teeth into line. Not only does Invisalign avoid the metal brackets and wires of traditional orthodenture, it’s far  less expensive.

First step was making a plaster mold of my mouth and teeth which were then sent off to the Invisalign  HQ. I waited eagerly for the results.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally after more than two months I got the answer.  I was not a good … Continue Reading…

In Search of a Beautiful Smile

I was  thrilled with the effects of the Zoom teeth  whitening.  Admiring my gleaming white  teeth in the  mirror of my dentists waiting room, another patient  ageed they looked great, adding ”  It   makes your overbite less noticeable.”  I have an overbite?  I knew that  my teeth flared out a bit, but was it  that  bad?

Growing up,  money was tight for my writer father and artist mother.  Instead of fully tricked out braces, I had a bite plate with wires that were tightened  every so often. In later years,  I  had thought about getting real braces, but  I didn’t want to walk around with a mouth of metal as an adult. 

The  night after my Zoom treatment, I saw an ad for a new  tooth straightening technique called Invisalign.  I knew my … Continue Reading…