Figs for Fabulous Skin

Figs Figs are an ancient fruit that grew wild in the Middle East and  Mediterranean. Today, most of the  fresh figs in our markets   are from California.  While they are high in natural sugars, they  also deliver a payload of potassium, iron, and ounce for ounce, more calcium than skim milk.   But what makes figs a nutritional rockstar is that they are a delicious fiber delivery system.  Two little fresh figs  boast 4 grams of  high quality fiber.   This is great news since major studies have shown that fiber is one of the three top food factors associated with  fewer wrinkles and less aging. Fresh  figs,  available from June through September, are super fragile and last only a week after harvested.  In season  you will see  three types of figs:

* Black Mission figs- black/purple skin and pink flesh

* Kadota figs– Greenish yelow … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Diet — Roast Turkey for Health and Beauty

ChristmasWhen I lived in New Haven, the obesity research unit at Yale had a very simple diet for its in-patient program– boiled turkey and raw vegetables.   I tried it at  home to pare off post-baby weight and in  less than a week  I dropped more than 5 pounds.  Despite  the great results  I could not stay on it for long. It was the kind of diet that I think needs to be followed in a contolled, supervised setting.  But  I always wondered if there was something inherent in turkey that made it especially effective in weight control. 

Flash forward to  Thanksgiving this year and as I  prepped by the turkey for  dinner I wondered about turkeys nutritional profile.   Protein?  calories?  and how did it compare to chicken?  Was … Continue Reading…