Beauty Food Close-Up– Asparagus

asparagusAsparagus is  an aristocratic vegetable that has been around since Plato first  put on his toga.   In addition to  a delicious part of a meal, asparagus  has been used  for its  medicinal purposes including   relief of a toothache and infection.  A member of the lily family,  aparagus  is  especially  plentiful in the spring, making it part of  the traditional Easter  AND Passover dinner.   Now with advanced growing techniques and worldwide transport of  food, aparagus is available  year  round.

Asparagus Health Profile

Despite its elitist  aura, asparagus  is a nutritional workhorse.  It is  rich in  numerous vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and folacin.  In fact,  just 4 oz of asparagus has more than 60% of the RDA for vitamin C– important to know since vitamin C is the nutrient most closely … Continue Reading…