Holiday Skin Check Video– The Best Gift for You and Your Family

 SKin Check -- the bestNo-Nonsense Holiday GiftFor most of us holiday traditions include family  parties, great food, lighting all sorts of candles  and piles of brightly wrapped gifts.  In  our home we have added a new holiday radition– an annual  skin cancer  check.  As a heath and beauty writer I wrote about  skin cancer, but myself went decades between skin check-ups.  Then a random physical office visit uncovered  skin cancer in my husband and a precancerous spot on my leg.   If you’ve ever waited for a biopsy, you will want to do anything to avoid a repeat episode.  We vowed to have an annual skin  check but the months kept rolling by.

I relaized that a needed a date that would always trigger a reminder– and the winter holiday season seemed  perfect.  Like  who can ignore this … Continue Reading…

Is It Skin Cancer?

Q&A logoQuestion:  I have  little thin red lines on the left side of my face.  I know that you have said it can be a broken blood vessel called spider veins, but since I’ve spent so much time in the sun, I wonder if it could be skin cancer. 

Answer:  Little red lines are the face are usually  small broken or swollen blood vessels.  They can be causes by high blood pressure, excess alcohol consumption or too much sun.   A blow to the face from a fall or even too aggressive massage can  also trigger their appearance.  But if you are concerned about skin cancer, I would definately have it evaluated by a dermatologist.  In fact, according to New York City dermatologist  and skin cancer expert Dr Ellen Marmur,  we  all should have a complete “skin  check”  every year.  After a summer in the sun,  early … Continue Reading…

IPL– Safe and Beautiful Results

Question:  I have heard so  many horror stories about IPL, but you had great results.  Can you tell me what machine was used and at what settings?

Answer:  I had IPL with Dr Ellen Marmur of Mount Sinai School of Medicine, so I  asked  her to answer this question.  Dr Marmur used the Luminis IPL with two handpieces– the 560nm and the 590nm.   “Both  of them focus on red spots, blood vessels and brown freckles”  she explained.  “The treatment settings vary from patient to patient based on skin color and the amount of the target to be removed.  For example, I use  lower settings for freckles to avoid over-heating the skin.’    Dr Marmur also warned against getting IPL when tanned ”   You need to avoid the sun for at least wo weeks prior to IPL treament ” she warned.

IPL Road Rules

IPL … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash Monday: Focus on Yoga

Its Fashion Flash  Monday and the host is Staness of Menopause Makeover. Read her post on Yoga to learn  how to integreate this elegant execise into your life  and understand  the benefits you can expect.  Yoga is considered the”beauty exercise”  because  the movements are fluid  and gentle– no straining  and grimacing involved.  In fact according to Dr Ellen Marmur of Mount Sinai,  the effort  of weight bearing exercises make us contract  the muscles in our face that over time  can contribute to wrinkling. With yoga  your face  is serene as your spirit. 

After you’ve  clicked through our other fashion and beauty blogs check out  Simple Skin Beauty, a  great beauty book  from Dr Marmur.  It’s my #1 go to reference  on all things skin.  Simple Skin Beauty is written  in a clear friendly tone.  It breaks down  … Continue Reading…