Question and Answer: Menopause Beauty Issues

Question:  I’m 48  and in menopause.  Because of hot flashes I’m taking extra showers.  Now my skin, especially on  legs and arms  is terribly dry.  Any suggestions?

Answer:   A perfect question for National Menopause Month!  Several showers a day may increase  skin dryness, but its hormonal changes that are also driving the problem.  Between the ages of 45-60, the ovaries no longer release eggs and estrogen levels start to decline.  Estrogen is known to play many roles in the body including  collagen production, blood pressure, metabolism and sleep.  But in your case, its estrogen’s role in oil production that is  the major driver behind your dry skin. Less oil  means that the skin can’t hold onto its natural moisture.  To help restore skin hydration  take shorter showers and while your skin is still damp, slather on a plain unscented moisturizer like Aquaphor.  If the … Continue Reading…

What’s Wrong With My Skin?

I get interesting questions every week, but recently a question included a great  photo.  A women I’ll call Tracy (she asked that her identity stayed private)  asked me  for a recommendation for dry,  red flaking skin around  her eyes.  She had already tried washing with baby shampoo and applied both vasaline and Gold Bond and nothing seemed to help.  To get the best answer I went to  New York dermatologist, Dr Albert Lefkovits  to take a look.While its not really possible to make an absolute diagnosis  from a  photo, Dr L came back with an impressive comment

The online diagnosis? Not simple dry skin, but   Contact dermatitis,  caused by something Tracy was using in her personal care.  Most likely culprit  was nail polish  or a  shampoo  with ingredients that  her skin found unfriendly.  Tracy did not want … Continue Reading…

Dry Skin– its not just tight and flaking

For the past  month, I noticed that my thumb would get little red spots  that itched so much it woke  me up at night.  As a  health writer I began to wonder if this was the start of a bigger problem like psoriasis, eczema or ( horrors)   even bedbugs.  When I showed  my spotty thumb to Dr Marmur, she smiled and nodded her head.  Her diagnosis?  My skin was so dry it was ready to crack open.   It was a reminder that  what we see as beauty  problems are actually  physical and chemical changes in the body that are causing unwanted consequences.  And the solutions  have to be based on  science, not the latest fad ingrdient or celebrity interview.

What Causes Dry Skin?

For  many years  experts  … Continue Reading…