Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Fashion-Flash-logoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is  hosting Fashion Flash. This terriffic plus size  site is living proof that style has no size.  I love  how Jodell  explains  how to  enjoy   top trends at any shape and age.  Jodell is also  a committed  activist against fat  shaming and discrimination and I am so proud to  know and work with her.

Fashion Flash beauty IconFashion Flash Beauty Icons

This week I got an invitation from HSN  to join their “Skinspiration” discussion that explored the beauty icons that ifluenced me.  I have so many that it  is  hard to pick just one. I love the style and highlights of Jennifer Aniston’s hair.  I admire  her casual All-American style during the day and  her … Continue Reading…

Rubies- The Gem that Shares Its Beauty

ruby heartRubies, the deep red birthstone of July is the rarest  and  most valuable of  all gemstones.  Since prehistoric times rubies have been mined in Thailand and Burma.  Ancient Indian beliefs held that if a  man offered rubies to the gods, he would become  king or emperor in his next  life ( the actual  upgrade in next life depended on the quality of the rubies he offered to the gods)

The clear, rich, red tones of the ruby are very flattering for all colorings, except ruddy skin tones and red hair.  Rubies warm up pale and yellow skin tones and enhance most shades of blonde, gray, black and brown hair.  They are usually set in gold and work beautifully  with polished daytime and after five clothing.

The fashion impact of rubies have … Continue Reading…